Alleged Leniu incident.

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Apologies @Top End Eagle, I'm veering way of track here but having spent many a year in the NT myself, Pine Creek, Katherine and Jabiru (all in mining) I cracked up at the last bit about catching flies. Don't need honey or vinegar up there, the buggers just attack you relentlessly in every orifice, as you know. 😁🤢
You were too dry brother, gotta get to the coast where the real chromies are! And I never said I tried to catch them, fly fishing is for lucky bastards who've caught too many fish on conventional tackle.
Enjoyed reading your take TEE and you pose some interesting questions regarding potential socio-economic rivalries between marginalised groups…

My much less nuanced life experience is that the world is full of d*ckheads and they are not limited to, or defined by, the colour of their skin or the groupthink of their culture…
Mine too mate but I have a faith in humanity and a job that means I get to make a difference every day, something I am so grateful for and I would would diminish/disrespect that opportunity by being stuck with the way the world currently is.

Having said that I work with so many terrible teachers I have to spend my lunch breaks talking to you nuffies!
Pre fight Conference
Two Fighters
One Championship Title belt
One Mission
and that is Both fighters seeking the Psychological edge to mentally Destroy their opponent before the fight begins
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One of these guys was forced to work in a sand mine as a ten year old. The other was forced to live as a despised minority in his own (I know I know, he's a traveller) country despite having the same skin tone.

Finding and promoting differences is a marketing tool.

Sport rises above that, time and time and time again.


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Then you're deflecting and are fortunately insulated by your sociodemographic position from instances of this type of thought control and real world over correction of historical wrongdoing by a rabbid combustion engine powered by the destruction of the best of western prosperity.

Or your just an old lefty fart😜
I am not that old….


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Good post. So describing them by their race, colour or religion is OUT. I think we can all agree with that. But what about sarcasm, if it is clever? Or funny? Many comics make their living from taking 'digs' at people. Personally, I love clever sarcasm, and I'm probably guilty of trying to create it too often. It seems we have reached a tipping point about what is now unacceptable. But who decides? What's clever or funny to some is seeming to infuriate others. And the "others" seem to be, generally speaking, of the younger generation.
For example: what if Leniu had verbally zeroed in on Mam's distinct hairstyle and said: get your finger caught in an electric socket Ezra? Certainty it's the sort of quip you'd hear on the Hill at Brookie at every match.
Would that be laughed off as 'gamesmanship' in today's PC society?
Sport, and life in general, is much more complicated these days.

The crucial element is intent. I happen to think that Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest buggers ever. And he sails pretty close to the wind at times taking your example of comedians. Russel Peters does the same. But I think his being Indian somehow disarms it somewhat. Especially since he makes fun of Indians as well.

My best friend (who is Serbian) and I would call each other "dumb wogs" all the time. But there was no intent. It was all tongue in cheek.

What Spencer said was intended to imply that Ezra was "a less evolved human". Which in a way, crack me up, because consider the source. It's not exactly coming from a Rhodes scholar.

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Give me some rope on this one as i go down a rabbit hole. Im Australian. Im 47 and my background as far as i know is predominantly white.
My first wife was White British and my current Wife (last one cause if this marrage fails im not going again that's for sure) is of Asian decent born in northern England.
Having lived in London for 20+ years I do think it's hard for Australians in general to get the race issue that places like the UK have gone through are going through. Now please understand im not saying all Australians don't get it but having returned here 15 months ago it's pretty easy to see we are 15 - 30 years behind the UK on the matter at least. Modern technology like social media will make the process happen quicker over time but there is still a big difference IMHO.
As a Niaive country white kid It's take many years to get it and try to understand the hurt racial abuse can cause. Of course I will never understand completely but seeing my Brown skinned wife profiled and abused by usually racist white scum hurts.
My Wife has 3 degrees, speaks 5 languages and has a British accent that would make the royal family sound thick but she knows no matter what's done she won't really be British in the eyes of many.
Now the Sam Kerr thing might be nothing but if she has thrown a racially charged slur the way of a policeman then she will need to answer the charge. Just as Leinu will.
To many of us White folk the idea "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" may be true but for others it's a long way from the truth.
If I reply to myself is that sad?

So Sam Kerr used the racial slur - stupid white bastard. This is a definite sticks and stones moment. What a joke if true. FMD


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Leniu admits to racist slur against Mam

Spencer Leniu has admitted to using a racist remark against Broncos star Ezra Mam in the NRL’s season-opening double-header in Las Vegas.

Leniu, who was playing his first game for his new club, lodged a guilty plea with the NRL judiciary on Thursday. He now faces a long suspension.



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He had no choice really. It is good that he has admitted it and saved everyone the circus of a hearing, but he gets less credit for only apologising 5 days later - and only after it has become known yesterday that there were other witnesses prepared to testify what he said. If he'd apologised straight away everyone would be far better off, including himself.

Regardless of the penalty he gets, the main point now surely is for the NRL to follow up with some clear statement about exactly why it is terrible to call an Indigenous person a monkey.

The statement must be clear enough that we can be confident that Leniu understands it, but - more importantly - that the wider rugby league community understands it.

Because clearly there are still many who don't. Including plenty of Manly fans on this very forum!


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He had no choice really. It is good that he has admitted it and saved everyone the circus of a hearing, but he gets less credit for only apologising 5 days later - and only after it has become known yesterday that there were other witnesses prepared to testify what he said. If he'd apologised straight away everyone would be far better off, including himself.

This 100%.
5 days to acknowledge and apologise, and only after someone said they heard it and will testify, is pretty poor.
From a Club perspective, the Roosters really dropped the ball here.


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No, no, Spencer suddenly woke up this morning and realised that racial taunts maybe are a fair bit worse than being called short, or a ranga.

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Now it's all about reducing the suspension, public apology first, then have the shattered look on your face all the way to the judiciary.

Ex coach Cleary has already thrown up the "it's out of character" not his go basically theme.

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