All over for Ridgey

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Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Is it the end for Ridge and Loos?
Chris Schulz | July 26, 2007 - 2:54PM


Wave goodbye to LooMatt forever. Matthew Ridge and Rebecca Loos - who in 2004 declared she had an affair with David Beckham - have finally called off their relationship, not to mention their rumoured engagement. This week's New Zealand gossip mags grab their heavy-duty spades and go digging for dirt.

There's plenty to be found. Limelight lovers Ridge and Loos - nicknamed "LooMatt" by one wag - left a trail of headlines wherever they went, including jilted ex-girlfriends, topless beach antics and raunchy mile-high romps.

New Zealand's Woman's Day tracks down a "source close to the couple" who claims to have the inside scoop on Loomatt's demise. "They really loved each other," the source says. "There is absolutely no doubt.

"Whether it was the love of a lifetime, who knows? But it was certainly an intense love. It was passionate, it was beautiful, it was cool."

Sounds like WD's source is also a romance novelist.

The source claims Ridgey couldn't handle his girlfriend's dual personality. Loosy was "caring, loving, affectionate, emotional and motherly" in private, but had an attention-seeking side that would let paparazzi snap her surgically enhanced double-Ds bouncing around on a beach.

Ridgey didn't like the celebrity side of Loos. "I think he was quite shocked by the whole thing," the source claims. "Matthew by nature is quite shy and has never really involved himself in celebrity life." Er, what?

Let's run through some of Ridgey's attention-grabbing stunts, shall we? He appeared near nude at the Boobs on Bikes parade, dated headline-loving socialite Nicky Watson and was married to TV personality Sally Ridge, and shocked passengers during an alleged mile-high romp with Loosy that made front-page news.

And he certainly looked like he was having fun with his topless girlfriend on that beach. Or was it all just a show?
Yes, he does seem to be regularly putting balls between the uprights.

Classic Gronk, classic. Ridge is probably my 2nd favourite player of all time, after Beaver. He did absolutely everything, and was pivotal to our success in the '90's. Not to mention one of the greatest goalkickers of all time.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
still looks bloody fit just quietly!

He is mate, and doesn't mind taking his top off for the camera to show it :lol: He rides his BMX everywhere and reckons that is the goods.

And he cops **** on TV about the size of his jaw, and also his teeth. They used to be shocking until he got some money from Manly and spent 10k fixing them up :D

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