Alberts possibly gets his chance TONIGHT


I though perhaps Sam Harris, his defence is ok, and his follow up of Kenedy for our last try on Sunday really looked like he can runa and run well into gaps, as well as wait and pass.

But i think Alberts should get a run, considering all the wraps Ive heard him get from you guys.


I'm a huge fan of Alberts, but I'd hate to see him go into a game like this to make his first appearance. Playing a dangerous side, away from home & at night whilst maybe carrying a niggle. Save him for Brooky on a Sundy arvo against the Knights.
Hicks to centre & Creary to the wing for me.


I was very impressed with Glenn Stewart against Parramatta, and most of his other first grade games. While Menzies is a legend, Glenn Stewart is pretty impressive, so if Menzies is moved to the centres the second row is still bloody impressive. Menzies is also good enough to adapt, and while he's struggled in the past, I think he could do it.


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Before beaver put creary or talyor up and hicks to cente.

But certainly alberts is the best bet, fingers crossed


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why are you guys so impressed with where we are (2nd on the table) yet dont trust the management that got us here to pick what they think is best for tonights game.


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because we need something to moan about.
I think G.Stewart can cover in the back row if we need him and beaver can move to center

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I reckon Vegas' post about letting management sort it out is the best post of the day. Roosters have awesome backs and will be sure to hit us out wide. Stewart can do the job defensively that Beaver can.

The thought of Harris playing centre after seeing him the Super 12 Semi in 2003 against the ACT gives me the shudders. Will only be a stop gap if Hill/Alberts are both out.


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The roosters have good attacking backs so we need to be aware of that.

However they are one of the worst defending backlines in the NRL so it would be silly to waste that sort of opportunity.

I hope whoever gets the gig goes well, and i shall support whatever management does. but just because we are coming second doesnt mean that if management followed any one of our descisions we couldnt be coming first.

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[quote author=lasvegas]
[quote author=ChuckWood]
Sam Harris in the centres wouldn't be a bad move.
He wouldn't be any slower than Hill & his defence is fairly good. ( just a thought )

i think we keep that for what it is , a thought

when I think of Sam Harris in the centres I think of the Waratahs 2002, Christchurch.


:D :D :D 96-19 :clap: :clap: :clap:

Seriously though,can't balme 1 bloke for 15 tries :drunk: :D

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Mention a Crusaders win and Kiwi very quickly pops up out of the woodwork. Bit like Pepsi with young women and Byso and the Liberal Party!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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