AFL Values - WTF??


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THe Afl who refuse to name drug cheats until they have been caught 3 times are outing a 17 year swans player for placing a $10 bet on a game that did not involve his club.

In other words its better to take drugs than to gamble occasionaly??

Makes you wonder who else is on the stuff down there


Im not sure how you get a TAB account , but that is what they used. If it was a cash bet , then they would have no idea who it was. This leads them to believe that nothing untoward was done , as they all used accounts that had their name on it.
Also , it was garry Jacks son.


He's 19, not 17.

I agree that the AFL has to get it's priorities in order. The drugs issue is damn important, and it was pretty weak how they swept it under the carpet and happily ignored it.

As for the betting. It's a toughie. Personally I think that a couple of 5 buck punts shouldn't be a bigg issue, but I don't understand the feeling behind people who say 'it wasn't on their own team!' etc. A lot of these guys are damn close to people on every team in the comp - so if there was someone outlaying $1000 bets on a team that his friend player for etc, that is where I think the betting really becomes an issue.

But a 19 year old who isn't likely to even play for the top team this year making bets that totaled 10 dollars? Come off it. That's an absolute non-issue.


Journey Man
Perhaps the Swans are drumming up publicity and letting the world know that the son of a League (rival) legend is playing for them?


the tightest league legend to ever play the game...I'm surprised he has a son who would part with $10!


in in regards to the drug issue and gambling I agree but I think you will find at some clubs in the AFL there are players that have had more than three chances, it just isn't documented....if the AFL chose to crack down it would mean they would be left with no competition and a highly embarrassing situation, which is why I'm surprised the Sydney media don't jump on it!
You would only need to take a camera phone out with you around Chapel St, Fitzroy St or the city between the hours of 12am and 6am on a Friday/ Saturday night and there is your evidence.
All that aside I believe the AFL system is the right one- party drugs certainly wouldn't aid in performance and it should be up to the individual clubs to decide how they punish players. I find it grossly unfair to single out a handful of players when quite clearly it is alot more than a handful who are doing it.


Journey Man
I now some very specific stories about the very prominent Swans players out just recently that would confirm your findings PJ.


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The AFL are spot on with their drug policy, they target performance ENHANCING drugs, not social drugs.

All clubs conduct in house testing and if they wish to punish players for putting their performances at risk, then they can do so.

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