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A Song

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Eaglette Fan, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Eaglette Fan

    Eaglette Fan Active Member

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    Sea Eagles 2011

    Manly, Manly
    Go my dream team
    The soaring Sea Eagles,
    Get a win for me

    Watch the TRex run,
    He charges with the ball
    The ground shudders under foot
    And the opposition fall.

    Jamie Lyon in the centre
    The captain is all class,
    Chases down the kicks
    And gives that silky pass.

    The young Hopoate
    The future Manly man
    His speed on the wing
    Scoring is his plan.

    Snake at the back
    Safe as can be
    But when he chimes in
    Tries you will see.

    Big gorgeous George
    His imposing frame on the charge
    Crashes over the line
    Definitely no mirage

    Kieran Foran
    He's the favourite of mine
    Sets up the tries
    Just purely sublime.

    Daly Cherry Evans
    Dazzles with his swerves
    His kicks are high and long
    Champion status he deserves.

    Dessie Hasler
    Well what can you say
    His nerves may be catchy
    But he creates their structured play

    And there's Matty Ballin
    A tackling machine
    The heart and soul of Manly
    Go my dream team.

    Big Jason
    Our homegrown peninsula King
    When he tackles
    You can't but feel the sting.

    Tooves on the field
    In his blue shirt
    Barking out the orders
    'Boys, play until it hurts'.

    The Sea Birds flaunting
    On the edge of the Brookie Park
    Saucy in their uniforms
    Let's meet after dark.

    I haven't forgotten the others,
    Robbo, Matai, Tim, Joe and Kite
    They all give us a tremendous site.
    Rodney, Lussick, Wolfy and Gift
    This is the side that gives your heart a mighty lift.

    Choc, SeuSeu and Mauro
    A couple are the villians of the Corso.
    Buhrer, Harrison, Whare and Oldie
    First a victory, then you can have a coldie.

    So go Manly
    Go my dream team.
    Win this Grand Final
    Win it for me.

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