A message to Terry Hill

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Journey Man
Dear Terry

There seems to be something holding you back from putting pen to paper.

I'm sure you're aware that you have given us Manly fans many wonderful moments to enjoy and you're on of the legends of the club. Equally, this club has given you something that no other has - a feeling of home and a premiership.

We are delighted to have you back with us this year. Therefore, please make the deal complete and put that signature on the contract.

We really can't believe that you're holding out for more - that's never been your way and we like to think there's enough love between club and player that this would never be neccessary.

Please reward our faith.

Yours sincerely

The Manly faithful (or the ones that don't mind me speaking for them anyway).
You could have also reminded him of the fat pay cheques he got off the club during the Super League war. :O
I am concerned that Terry Hill hasn't put pen to paper as yet . His Manager - Wayne Beavis & Butthead is obviously trying to milk as much money out of Manly that he can possibly get for his client. In saying this , the Manly club were up front with Terry Hill many months ago about what sort of contract he would be offered. I have the utmost faith in Paul Cummings & believe that if Tezza makes this difficult , he will be shown the door.
Everything with Terry seemed so upbeat last Tuesday arvo so I can't believe that it won't happen. Mind you Tezza gave absolutely nothing away when questioned by PP and so it will interesting to see what transpires!
On the news last night they said he would get about $50K if he playes 10 games then bonuses if he plays more games & Manly make the semis. If he has a good year he will probably earn close to $100K - still not bad cabbage in anyones books IMO.
there is a lot of inuendo here guys.

Who knows why the contract hasnt been signed. Maybe they are writing aspecial one, mayb other things are getting in the way. Speculation can be damaging. We all want tezza at the club and we are sure it will happen. lets wait and see
There's no need for speculation. Just a recognition that there is a bond between player, club and fans that we of course presume will be upheld.

We don't expect him to play for peanuts. Neither would we appreciate being held over a barrell. Simple.

I'm sure Cummings is on top of it.
Probably Butt head just feathering his own nest or could it be gettting annouced at the season launch tonight?
Terry won't have trained since the GF last year, lost 19 kg and trialled just to say 'Oh Well!'

I am sure that there will be some good news shortly and maybe they are waiting till the night, as a media event, to make the announcement. It would be a great highlight to the Season Launch!!!! :clap:
Hill did say at the fan day that it was in Cummings' hands. But that tells us nothing about what the hold up is. I got him to sign the team poster as I am very confident he will be with us this year.
Might just be that.

The sooner the better though

as we all know rumours can get out of hand very quickly.
Put it to you this way, whatever he gets from playing it will be a lot more than he would get if he sat on the sideline for the year.
I think it was on a thread on ME and it just got deleted. Now there is another thread (Skull) claiming he was on the mark with the info. :evil:
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