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A lot of talk about how much BK did for Manly, but I think it ought to be recognised that Manly did a lot for BK.

I must admit that I was a sceptic when he signed with us as I saw him as injury prone. Certainly 2002-4 with the Knights were not his finest years and, without the benefit og hindsight, a lot of Knights supporters were pretty glad to see him go as he was only good for an average of 10-12 games per season.

I suspect he benefitted a lot from the professionalism of Manly and the fact that we look after our cattle a whole lot better. With two injury free seasons he was certainly able to elevate himself by:

1. Becoming a leader (captain) of men and emerging from the shadow of A Johns.

2. Showing that he contributed a lot more to Newcastle's success than previously suspected.

3. Going out of the game as one of the finest forwards of his generation, something that would never have happened had he been making tha hard yards for Johns, Gidley and Co.

So yes, he did a lot for us in raising standards about the club, but we alos put a HUGE lustre on his reputation.

Let's hope he feels a debt of gratitude and punts Roach from his feeble efforts as Forwards Coach and inspires a new generation to great deeds. (I was very impressed on Friday with Trembath and Offerdahl in Flegg).

The Gronk

Well without sounding like an Anthony Robbins video-you only get out what you put in.

So if BK goes above and beyond and drags the club back up off its knees then its only right that at the end his two years he should have something more than just a big pay cheque-he earnt it.

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I can't see BK doing much for the Eagles from now as he has bought several businesses up on the Gold Coast and is moving there the week before the Grand Final. (He must have known something we didn't?)


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He's bought a couple of fruit shops in Brisbane.

His family are heading north in the school hols to be ready for school next term.


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Good points Mata, but I don't get point number 3. Why wouldn't he be recognised this way if he'd been making the hard yard for Johns and co?


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Because Johns hogs the limelight - but he's not as good as he thinks he is when his pack isn't going forward (aka last Saturday night).


Whatever happened to the Delmege assisted job or whatever was talked about when he signed? The media seemed to report it as one of the main reasons he signed.

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Whatever happened to the Delmege assisted job or whatever was talked about when he signed? The media seemed to report it as one of the main reasons he signed.

Since he is now into fruit & vegetables, we can presume that that was a bit of a lemon ! 8)

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Apparently Max did dangle that CARROT

But BK said thanks all the same but shell be APPLES

BK immediately discounted the idea of a late move to ORANGE

In increase in CELERY was always a better proposition.

Over to you blokes.................


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Not much difference between the Real Estate and fruit and veg industries.

They're both as corrupt as......


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you guys a fruit loops!

I guess that deal kind of went PEAR shaped!

meh I am too tired for this


I hope this thread finishes before the stroke of midnight otherwise we could all turn into PUMPKINS


Lucky he didn't carry on too much otherwise they might have had to use CAPSICAN spray on him

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