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    Intrusive adverts on mobile site

    Had the same ad as well had to restart pc, i use chrome as well
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    Dave Smith to Resign

    I have Stan and just picked up Cromecast, seems to be working fine from my laptop, not sure about using it with an iPad though.
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    2015 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    If he is contracted to the end 2016 then i can't see it happening but i guess you never can tell with contracts these days, Api was the same so who knows what can happen.
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    2015 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Some guy on LU posted this today.. All Manly fans out there, a little birdie told me that big bad Tamou is in Fulton's sights - maybe an announcement post Origin 3? . Hope this true, would be a good signing.Apparently he knew about Brown and Api signing with us as well.
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    Game Day Manly v Broncos [Round 13, 2015]

    The only thing im not looking forward to with the Manly game is the crap from Wally and Locky giving it out to DCE all night, mute button will get a workout tonight i think. With Parker out Manly by 10pts i hope.
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    MVP: Most Valuable player for [Round 7 v Bulldogs: Bulldogs v Sea Eagles 2015]

    3- DCE, tried but not much else to work with. 2- Jake T, should played more mins, same with Hodges, looked good. 1- Matai, best out of the rest. Hate to say it but Balin is looking slow, still ok in defence but not much else.
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    Would people sign a petition to the club?

    Count me in as well, don't care who they replace him with. Has'nt our board, management ect been dysfunctional for years but it has never effected us on the field like it has at the end of last year and the start of this season, so for me ill give them a bit more time before i judge them(Zorba...
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