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Kim Jong Dan
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I was just wondering if you have a second team that you follow if you arent following manly or if they are out of the running. I mean Manly will always come first but is there a team that you have a soft spot for and why?


NQ & Melbourne.

Don't care if they win or lose (except against us), I just like the style of footy they play.


Kim Jong Dan
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I am a melbourne fan.

They are a well drilled side and have known nothing but success since their entry into the competition. I really like the way they play and the quality and discipline they always show.

They will never come close to manly in my heart and eye, but I like the cut of their jib


Journey Man
I used to genuinly follow wests as my second team when i was growing up. I didnt mind drugcastle until their doped up players cheated us out of 97. Finally Illawarra was one of those teams i liked to see win when not playing us.

Nowdays Souths are a distant second as they are the only half acceptable ARL team so i enjoy watching them smash super league scum.

The Gronk

Melbourne-the more they win the earlier the games come on to free to air down here. Well that's the theory at least!!


I don't mind the Tigers and I enjoy watching the Storm play- it's a bit hard to hate the Storm!


Journey Man
its easy to hate them, they get all the profits from the superleague abortion that all but killed our club and turned us from one of the strongest clubs to one of the weakest


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I like watching NQ and Melbourne due to the way they play, so I guess I could say those 2 sides but I dont follow them at all I just enjoy watching them more than the other sides.

Stuey Davis’s Socks

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Always liked the under-dogs like Balmain & Magpies in the olden days, so it's a no-brainer that West Tigers are my no. 2 team now. They're easy to watch especially when they play the way they did against the dogs last Friday night.

Oh, and anyone playing the Bulldogs & Souths.
Titans I suppose as they are only about an hour or so a way from me and Northern NSW is a feeder for them plus one of the wifes cousins is in their juniors.


Seriously - I used to go for Canberra as my 2nd team. I remember riding around Forestville in '82 with the lime green socks on! That all changed when I moved to Canberra and the Super League fiasco went full steam ahead. :wall:
I was nursing at the paediatric ward at Canberra Hospital at the time, the Raiders were idolised by many of the kids & they were a great side. As soon as Super League came along, the players stopped paying a visit to the ward to cheer up the sick kids BUT as soon as they started getting really bad press for their "after hours activities" eg Noa Nandruku beating up his missus 'cause he was so pissed - the phone rang again at the ward saying that the players would love to come & visit the kids! What a great way to get free positive publicity!!!!! :0
Hated the Lime Green Machine from then on :evil:

Jatz Crackers

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I just dont believe in having 2nd or 3rd teams as someone to follow. Just doent seem right to me that you can have multiple allegiences.

The only thing i will do is wish for whatever team is playing the dogs to win and even then only if it better suits our position on the table if they do.

Kiwi Eagle

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Was always the Raiders for me, up until about 96ish i think. From then have really just followed the style of play i like watching in certain years, and some teams that have filled that over the years since have been Sharks late 90s, Dragons, Tigers etc. This year i have really been looking at what suits us better in terms of the table in any particular game.

Having said all that have a soft spot for the Warriors and hope they go well. Are a lot of hacks over who know nothing about league at all that chuck the knife into them at any point, so enjoy carving up and watching those types when they are in a good spot on the table

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