Your most painful experience.

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First Grader
Last week I struck up the courage to visit the dentist. For my troubles I received a large filling which was close to a nerve. The dentist was kind enough to advise I take some panadol "if" I felt pain :( All seemed OK when I left.

When the pain killers wore of in the evening I endured 12 hours of the most horrendous pain ever.

What is your most painful experience?

***besides having to read YARTS or wonderful insights from captain obvious :) ***
Probably having my tonsils removed at 18 years of age. In hospital for 3 days on Pethadine , then a week off work.
Root canal (dentist asked if he was hurting me after a big tear rolled down my cheek)

Had a case of gout in the left big toe a few years ago which was no picnic either

Oh and went on a end of year footy day tour to the races a few years ago 5 days after my vasectomy managed to fall down the steps of the bus pissed and tear a couple of stitches
Spent 22 hours in remote location with multiple contusions, concussion and 3 broken ribs which had torn completely throught he lung. On the plus side of things it only hurt severely when i either breathed or moved. A lot of fun.
I get this thing called a pneumothorax (pronounced nurothorax) where a lung temporarily collapses.
The first time it happened I dead set thought I was going to die- every breath is pain and it is like having a stroke all up one side. You can’t move fullstop because every slight movement is pain.
They don’t occur as often now and the pain isn’t as bad anymore.
Basically it is a cyst on my lung, which opens up and all you can do is wait till it closes (or atleast that’s how it was explained to me)
I went to a specialist and all you can do is have an operation where they literally shove a pole into you chest with no pain killers- extremely pain full apparently (something about they can’t use pain killers in those sorts of operations). He then went on the say that you can’t play any form of sport or do much really for a long time after the operation.
Basically unless the incidence of the lung collapses increase, it probably wouldn’t be worth doing. He said if it went on for any longer than a day I would be in trouble and to get to a hospital (the pain lasts a few days but the severe stuff only lasts at most a day.)
The first time it happened was out on the piss with mates and they freaked and took me to the hospital- I thought I was in some serious trouble. Eventually they figured out what was wrong and said I just had to ride it out and then go see a specialist the next day.
Now I know what it is, it isn’t as freaky when it happens (you can feel when it is coming- like a migrane) and you just deal with it.
Knee reconstruction.

I hear male brazilians are pretty terrible too, though at least they're over quickly.
Eye socket Vs Cricket ball, wasnt a fun experience.

Depressed fracture needing a plate inserted in the floor of the eye socket
I have had two knee reconstructions – the second was a breeze. I walked out the day after the operation.
It all depends on the doc – my first was a hack second was great.

Do you have a good physio? I did some good physio and that helped (do your hamstring stretches!)
I once had a tooth drilled as I thought I would pass without anaesthetic. Never again. I also had a gall bladder out and the pain when the bile overflowed due to the stone was awful, though not as bad (so I am told) than having a kidney stone pass through you.

Bottom line is that every day I am thankful I am a male as my bit at fatherhood was fabulous (as was the practising!!! :yeah: ) whereas what the missus went through for 9 months and at delivery was awful. If it was up to males to propagate the species I reckon we would all be extinct!!!! :lol:
[quote author=Matabele]
Knee reconstruction.

How painful is that? I'm having one in about a month from now =/

Before I had mine everyone told me that the pain is indescribable - you have to experience it to understand.

The first 24 hours were okay and I was wondering what the fuss was about. Then they took away the morphine and the next 2-3 weeks were sheer hell.

Mine is bodgied up again but I'm not sure I can go back for another one knowing what I'm in for.

This was an ACL reconstruction - apparently it's the worst as they drill into your bones.
Gees some of those stories are bloody hidious. I have not experienced anything compared to :

Tearing a stitch in your sack,
Collapsing a lung,
or marriage.

My worst was probably my bottom wisdom teeth which were attached to the jaw bone and had to be grinded away before being pulled out. The anesthetic had worn off by the time I got to reception to pay. But still pale in comparison to some of those above.
I have had two knee reconstructions – the second was a breeze. I walked out the day after the operation.
It all depends on the doc – my first was a hack second was great.

Do you have a good physio? I did some good physio and that helped (do your hamstring stretches!)

Merv Cross would be the man to see!

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