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worst possible results.

sue ridgepipe

Active Member
Jul 18, 2004
unfortunately the worst possible results today for us.really makes us long odds to make the 8.probably comes down to sharks,raiders,warriors,tigers and us fighting for 2 spots and probably the pleasure of playing brisbane at suncorp.the factors below probably mean our semi dreams are up in smoke again.hard to believe it has happened so quickly

-brisbane,parra,storm,dragons,bulldogs are certianties
-tigers playing great
-storm,eels,dragons,warriors have a bye up their sleeves
-worst for and against with sharks and raiders
-bulldogs flying home with good draw
-nothing is easy but sharks have us,souths and tigers at home
-our nightmare draw from here on in

only solution is to win some games but it is hard to see where they will come from.cowboys ,warriors seem our best hope but wont be enough.

on the bright side our new signing played great today in a match with semifinal intensity.bring on 06.god i am sick of looking forward to next year.

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
It doesn't get much worse. If we could snag a win over the Cowboys and then beat Newcastle and the Warriors we could make the 8 but maybe not much better than 8th. Just to get there would be a bonus as I have written off our chances.

The Sharks and Canberra games are four point games - to win would just about knock them out as they are the other two sides with the wobblies.

I am hoping it does not come down to the last game against the Raiders down there - we have an appalling record there in later years. I think we are gone!


Well-Known Member
Nov 17, 2004
If it does come down to the last game down in Canberra, based on my Finals Calculator predictions, the Raiders will be playing for nothing as they will be gonski by then. Still bloody tough though obviously.

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