Will DCE go to the Dolphins?

Will DCE be at the Dolphins at the start of '23?

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I guess someone has to do it so here I go.

.The Dolphins are going to be the seconds Brisbane team and Bennett will most likely be the coach. Do you think DCE will want to and be permitted to go there in '23. Yes he is under contract with us until Nov 1 '23 but maybe he wants to finish his career "back home" and be the start-up's inaugural captain and get a chance at redeeming himself in the eyes of the QLD'ers. Maybe he doesn't want to. Bennett is a fan and vice versa with DCE.The Dolphins would need him signed up well before the end of the '22 season. It would shake up our squad but would also save us @ 1.2M.

What do you all tihnk?
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It could see this happening and it would free up plenty of cap space with Taupau also likely to go at the end of 22.
I don't see him going there unless stupid money is offered which he is already on so it have to be extreme stupid money.

If you are building a team from scratch you don't want a player close to retirement, you need young blokes that will be around a few years.

DCE has said he wants to be a 1 club player, he is a different person who signed with the Gold Coast and I think he is happy here as long as he is paid what he is worth. I think he knows he won't get what he is currently on.
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By the time they enter the comp, DCE will have one or two years left in him so I suspect they’ll look at someone like Munster who is a bit younger...of course, experience is nice when starting out but Munster is no rookie and has won comps so if they can snare him, I doubt they’ll splurge on Daly as well.
It’s an interesting situation.From Manly’s point of view,it’ll only save them the $1.2 million for 1 season,if they released him.But given the dearth of HB talent currently on the market and nobody currently in the squad that is going to perform to his level,why would Manly let him go?No idea how good young Humphrey’s is,but no chance he’d be ready to step into first grade in ‘23.I suppose it comes down to if DCE wanted to go,Redcliffe wanting a 34 year old half back if he goes in ‘23 and how much Manly will offer him for his next contract.Can’t imagine Redcliffe matching DCE’s Manly contract in ‘23,so they’d have to offer a longer contract to make it worthwhile for him.I suspect Redcliffe will be looking at younger QLD options for their marquee money like Munster and Grant
I did laugh the last few days with all the media writing stories about who they will target and not many QLDers are being mentioned.Redcliffe will be heavily targeting QLD players because they’ll be easier/cheaper to get back up here than say Gutherson,as someone in the media suggested they should chase
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Ehhh freeing up cap space would be on everyone's mind but even though he's a "tad" overpaid there's honestly no great depth in the halfback position. Panthers and Roosters are damn fortunate to have Cleary and Walker because of that reason. Unless we have someone who's highly rated coming through our ranks I don't think it's wise to lose him until his contract is up
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Judging on past Manly history he'll be dumped out like Fulton, Vautin, Gift , Beaver. We don't usually hang onto players past their useby date. DCE will be cooked by end '23.
They would more likely chase Sam Walker.
Young and a Queenslander, not sure how long he is contracted to the Rorters not that matters these days.
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I dont think it will be DCE's choice actually. Munter, C Walker and every Qld junior will be linked to the new franchise and I doubt they will have the dollars in their cap to afford him.

Plus he is the heart and soul of this mighty club and we should keep him until he is ready to retire. I shook his hand once and there is no one I would trust more
Sydney is Daly’s home now, he’s said that numerous times - particularly with his partner Vessa and their girls. He seems extremely comfortable in Sydney and I wouldn’t even see him going back up to QLD post career.
I think he will go!
Privately he will tell the senior group he has signed 3 year deal at $1m per season.
Everyone will lift and send him out a grand final winner in 22.
Shu and Cust in 23.
I’m more worried about them targeting Schuster tbh.
I think they’ll be targeting QLDers first because they’ll be easier to get back home.To get Schuster,they’ll have to pay overs and I suspect Munster is their priority and he’s made it pretty clear that he’s interested in a return to QLD.There are not a hell of a lot of players that were originally from NSW in the 3 QLD clubs
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Bennett wants Walker from South's ,Chez has said he would like to move into a coaching role for Manly when he does retire but if he is injury free I see him sticking around for a couple more years after 23

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