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Wiki UK Bound

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Kiwi Eagle, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Kiwi Eagle

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    Wiki off to UK
    Sunday News | Sunday, 10 February 2008

    Ruben Wiki last night announced the 2008 season will be his last in the NRL and he wants to play in the English Super League.

    Wiki retired from test football in 2006 after a world record 55 internationals the only player in history to reach the 50-test mark and said it was time now to make the same plans at NRL level as he eyed his fourth season with the Warriors.

    "It was emotional making the decision but I want to leave the NRL on a good note," he said.

    "I've loved playing in this competition and it's been an honour being with the Warriors and also with Canberra but this is the right time to move on from the NRL. I wanted to have it sorted out before the season started so I could get on with giving everything I can to the cause for the team here at the Warriors.

    "As well as that, the fans have always been great to me here and I'll be dedicating the season to them what a ride it will be! I've had the first proper off-season of my career and I've loved every minute of it, being able to train with the boys throughout the summer. I feel like I'm in the best condition I've been."

    Wiki wants to play in the English Super League.

    "That was a big part of the decision," he said. "I've toured England lots of times and plenty of my Kiwi team-mates have joined clubs there. I have always had an interest in playing there at some stage. In the past I've had offers from clubs in England but I've always resisted. Now it's the right time. My manager Jim Banaghan is going to the UK next week to talk to three Super League clubs that have expressed interest."

    He added his decision was very much a family one. Wiki's wife Santa said she was just as keen to see him make the switch to the English Super League.

    "It's important to us that Ruben makes the right decision for both himself and us as a family," said Santa. "It was a big move at the time leaving Canberra to come back home but it's certainly been worth it on all levels. We've been back among family and Ruben has loved his time with the Warriors.

    "But he has always had a desire to play in England as well and now is the right time to do it."

    While he was moving on from the NRL, Wiki said he was keen to have a role with the Vodafone Warriors in the future.

    "I've been studying to get my qualifications as a trainer and would like to get into that side of things when I finish playing. I want to come back to this club," he said.

    Wiki, who has consistently been rated by his peers as one of the hardest players in the game throughout his career, needs just 12 more appearances to become only the 10th player in history to achieve the milestone of 300 games in the premiership.

    Warriors coach Ivan Cleary said Wiki's influence in the side and around the club would be impossible to replace.

    "Ruben has brought so much to this club as a player and as a person. You can't put a value on it but his contribution has been huge," he said. "It's been a privilege for everyone who has been involved with him but it's not all over yet. He has trained brilliantly throughout the off-season, he's in great condition and he has set himself for a big year. We're expecting a lot from him and he expects a lot from himself. He always sets high standards."


    Another one of the veterans gone, lets hope Beaver can outlast the lot of them
  2. willstyles

    willstyles Active Member

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    Wiki really looked every bit a 34 year old last year.

    Struggled with the pace of the game, wasn't having an impact and really wasn't contributing for the Warriors.

    He's been a fantastic player and was excellent even two years ago, but his time was definately up.....

    Beaver is a very different player. Age hasn't hindered him quite as much - doesn't rely on a power game like Wiki, he can get by only doing two or three things in a half and still having a big influence on a game.

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