Who will fly up?


Journey Man
Wheel has talked about flying up to Brisbane for Friday's game and now I see that Daniel is doing the same.

I haven't bought a ticket yet but would be glad to buy tickets for a group if you boys are serious about coming up.

Who is in? The sooner we book, the better. Make sure you bring those AE banners up.

Will the Caxton survive?
I am thinking about it. Vicky gets her exam results for her CA on friday so I may have to be there to console here or celebrate but I am still considering flying up.

I will look at tickets for flights and find out unless anyone wants to do a road trip?
We had so-called ****ty tickets last Friday but had a great view from up high. Every seat in the house at Lang Park is good.

But it would be good to have some AE support there.
yup looking at flight Jetstar can get me there for about $230 plus tickets to game, plus accommodation. I dont think I can justify a $500 weekend. Might see if I can convince mark to do a friday road trip with me
I would like some since I am suffereing froma severe lack of sleep at the moment
A pity this wasn't suggested earlier. My wife and daughter picked up $80 tickets to go to Brisbane for Athletics Nationals two weeks ago. The only flights that cheap on offer at the moment are for May 8th and beyond!!
My mate (Broncos) supporter and I are flying up fri morning for the game. staying in milton and then saturday night in surfers...

def looking to head out somewhere after the game if anyone can suggest where fellow manly supports may be...

Seems as though the Manly faithful will be at the Caxton before the game.

I'll be the fat bastard in the FAI shirt because I can't afford one of the new ones.
Matabele - when are you buying your tickets and how much are they? I am keen to go but I won't do a drive up and will fly if I go. I will look at flights etc today.
let us know when you have looked it up then :D
It would be good if you guys come up as the more support Manly has up here the better. BTW noticed the AE banner on channel 9 on Sunday. :D
glad it was noticed. Not sure some around the traps were too happy with it but I found it very ammusing.

I am in negotiations with my GF about friday night so I may be an outside chance, but will prolly end up having to sit by myself :D
I will be there as will be my much better looking half. Will be at the Caxton from late afternoon sharing drinks with the Eagle Rockers that will also be attending.

(pete now ducks for cover)
I am sure lasvegas, Matabele, Sue Ridgepipe, Flipper and the wheel will hold their own against the rockers

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