who will be called up for this weekend ?


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I would expect Des to name a heap of extra reserves this week,Do u think Ballin might be on the list !!,Who would u guys be selecting this week ??,I say Cuthbo ,Ballin ,Finefeuki,G Stewart ,Lennon ,Meaney could all get the call ,if their are injuries due to the city/country !!!!& if Kennedy & B Stewart are still out .Tell u the truth ,i have no confidence at all this weekend against them up there !!,but it will be good to finally blood some premier leaguers !!!!


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Balllin wont get a call up, both monas and dunners are ok

Cuthbo for BK (willo to start) if no injuries to props

Morewood i think will be above sione - he played last year and is going better this year, also is in our top 25 squad. Not that i agree with it.

If we lose all players then we are going to have to bring up stewart or wells and meaney

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Maybe Monas to half back if orford gets injured may see Ballin get a run.

I have a feelign we may get a bit of a belting this week. The Broncos will be fresh and playing them up there - I still have nightmares about the game last year.

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This weekend is a good test. It takes some depth to be up there and some of our youngsters are ready for the jump up. Glen Stewart, Cuthbo, Ballin are all ready to stake a claim. The Broncos are not as good as they were and whilst they have young talent


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Its starting to look better for us ,with the broncs starting with no regular hooker or half .I would expect if Orford pulls up short from fridays match,Monas would go to half & then we would definately need Ballin ,as Dunley has no hope of playing a full 80 mins(unless we are in for a 50 point flogging ).

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It is a pretty hard weekend for the club as with PL in the gong they are going to have to have a large group of guys on standby to send them to Brisbane or take them up ready to fire them back to the Gong.

If firsts are disrupted PL is totally stuffed.

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