Who is paying over the odds?


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I had a very interesting discussion last night with the girlfriend of an NRL player who had a vERY good year in the NRL this year. He recently extended his contract with his current club for a further two years but I had heard that Manly had shown a strong interest so I asked her about it.

Apparently he was virtually signed, sealed and delivered for Manly. Several clubs had been chasing him and he'd been doing a tour of them. His impression was that Manly had the best player facilities (Narabeen) in the NRL and that the only club that came close to touching what we had was the Cowboys (who have a similar set-up I believe).

His intention was that he would come to Manly for similar money to that being offered by his current club due to the superior facilities and the professional medical care for the players. In the end his current club had to pay a LOT more to keep him. A helluva lot more.

Thought I'd start the week on a positive note.

Interestingly this player has had off season surgery and recently re-injured himself whilst bodysurfing. So it's back to the operating table and a delayed start to next year. Might be a good thing we missed out. :!:


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Is this a Guess who thread? :)

The facilities at Narabeen are impressive. Glad to see other NRL players admire them. This may at least bring some promising young juniors to the club.


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you suck Mata. now all I can think about is who it could be. cmon tell us who, please!!!!!!!


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I'd say Matt Orford / Steven Bell / Brent Kite / Ben Kennedy / Steve Menzies / Anthony Watmough are also VERY BIG draw cards for us.
That would have to be Benji Marshall wouldn't it? A very good season and off-season surgery? Wow! Didn't realise he wanted to come to us! :)


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That would have to be Benji Marshall wouldn't it? A very good season and off-season surgery? Wow! Didn't realise he wanted to come to us! :)

That would have been my guess too Crusher, I read in the paper here in NZ that he would be missing the first couple of months of the new season - don't know how much truth is in it, but i thought that he missed the tri-series for NZ so he could have surgery so as to be ready for the start of the new season??

Are we close Mata??


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i believe he is from north of Manly!


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Don't get too excited boys - it's not someone in the class of Marshall.

He was top try scorer for the Knights this year but given his injury it's unlikely there'll be a repeat.


I guess when we missed out on Salkeld we then went for Robertson.


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Much of a muchness I reckon. You'd expect a winger to jag a few tries when they're playing outside of Andrew Johns.

I can see why we didn't get into a bidding war for little more than a journeyman.

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