Who do you hate more? NAS or JWH

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Who do you hate more? NAS or JWH?

  • Nelson Asofa High Forearm Solomona

    Votes: 25 52.1%
  • Jared Warea Elbow To Throat Hargreaves

    Votes: 23 47.9%

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Look I agree, I’d be happy with him if I was a Roosters fan I suppose. Because he does show some ticker. Still a grub though 😂

Oh JWH is definitely a first class grub and has been for a long time now. That's not in dispute here. But really, what he did to Fulton was no different to what Lurch, Igor, Phil Daley, Spudd, Cement or any of our hard nosed forwards have done to opposition first gamers in the past. Hell, I'd say even Bozo himself was guilty of that more than a few times later in his career.

Yes I think what JWH did deserved a penalty. But I'll be honest, if I was the referee I would have left it at that and not put him on report.

I guess I'm just an old front rower who thinks this was nothing more than an old hard head trying to put the wind up a first game player. As the old Moose might have said ... welcome to first grade son.

castle eagle

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has there ever been a better pair of role models for front rowers than the rorters have at the moment with jwh & lodge?
they would have to be setting a new low in the role model stakes


un echidna spillo mia bevanda
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JWH - big bully.
Twice the size of Zac Fulton. Big guys should never pick on little guys.

Kaufusi's Elbow

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There can be only one:
Screenshot_20210815-153353_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20210815-155041_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20210815-155110_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220731-093427_Samsung Internet.jpg

NAS is also a cnut, along with the rest of that packs of fkwits from Melbourne. Always runs at the line with a raised forearm and given his height it's a roll of the dice if someone gets smashed.

Storm always love to flop on people's leg's or bend people the wrong way. It's almost like they have a jujitsu coach or something. I would love to know the "injuries against" stat if there was one. Storm would win by a country mile, always someone limping off holding their knee or neck. Their current favourite is tackling someone running from behind and falling on their legs ... oops, sorry, did you twist an ankle, total accident.

JWH normally gets my respect as tough but lately going the cheap shot route more and more. The sh1t on Immortal Jnr was pretty poor, but not his worst. I recall him running full bore at Gorgeous George with an elbow out, trying to damage the handsome one.

Of course numerous other incidents, but he is a warhorse from NZ so what do you expect. I recall playing rugby in an NZ tour and each game one of our guys got nailed illegally, it's simply part of their game and you just get up and say nice shot, got me a beauty.

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