Who do you hate more? NAS or JWH

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Who do you hate more? NAS or JWH?

  • Nelson Asofa High Forearm Solomona

    Votes: 25 52.1%
  • Jared Warea Elbow To Throat Hargreaves

    Votes: 23 47.9%

  • Total voters


They're both cheap shot merchants that play for untouchable teams ... but:

Who do you hate more? NAS or JWH?


In for the long haul.
2016 Tipping Competitor
Tipping Member
Tough one. Both grubs.
Funnily enough, sometime back I read an article about how JWH and his wife flip houses outside of footy. It was all very design based and, if I didn't know anything about how he played, I would have thought he was quite a lovely bloke!


First Grader
Premium Member
JWH after Friday
To be honest, I was kind of jealous seeing him intimidating players, running over players and smashing players in a Roosters jersey when he was 1 of our own...
But over the past few seasons as he has lost lateral movement and the game has sped up, the big dominant contacts have been replaced by cheap shots....
That Elbow drop with full weight on young Fulton was not tough and in fact, was a downright dirty dog act that could easily have caused a serious injury....and the bloke gets a fine Uncle Nick can pay with the change on his bathroom floor.
I reckon JWH will seriously injure a player before long and it will not be from nthe brutal man he once was, but a similar grub act like Friday night.

north coast eagle

Reserve Grader
Both are oversized grub/ psychopaths who tend to pick on the smallest players on the field. JWH is more blatant but NAS likes beating up people off the field as well. Too hard to seperate. Despite their size, one day they will pick on the wrong person and pay the consequences.


Journey Man
They are psychos and completely unpleasant on the field, but I enjoy watching them and admire their extreme behaviour (on field). So I don’t hate either of them.

bob dylan

First Grader
Premium Member
Tipping Member
I also hate seeing JWH in Roosters jersey.

He should be one of ours. He is tough and dirty and nasty and all the things that are needed to win a competition.

the other bloke is a nuff. Don't even rate him has a footballer or a thug . He should go to the Titans with Kevin The Kat and Tino the Timid.


Always amazed when the biggest dude on the field resorts to cheap shots. Says a lot.

As others have mentioned JWH is even grubbier these days given he is ageing.

NAS is just a loose cannon on and off the field. He's capable of anything.

Terry Zarsoff

First Grader
NAS? I enjoyed my time at the Naval Air Station in the early 1980s - until the Falklands War, politics and the Royal Strayan Arse Farce (Albo’s Penguins - one in a million can fly) f-cked everything up. Nowra is one of my favourite regional centres.

So it would have to be JWH.


Reserve Grader
I respect JWH level of psycho.. I would probably love him if he was still at manly. So yeah i hate JWH more. Nelson is a **** but he's less animated


Just a Man and his Eagle
Haven't we had enough hate ?

In saying that JWH tends to single out the rookie or lesser size players for his grub antics so he gets the nod but only by a short elbow.


Journey Man
Am I the only one who didn't actually think there was much in what JWH did?? Sorry but any veteran forward, especially a front rower, worth their weight would do that to any rookie as a welcome to first grade.

A mountain out of a mole hill IMO.

Son of Manly Beach

Reserve Grader
Am I the only one who didn't actually think there was much in what JWH did?? Sorry but any veteran forward, especially a front rower, worth their weight would do that to any rookie as a welcome to first grade.

A mountain out of a mole hill IMO.
Look I agree, I’d be happy with him if I was a Roosters fan I suppose. Because he does show some ticker. Still a grub though 😂
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