Where does Weekes fit in ?


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Weekes best position is arguably at 6.
In fact if Schu was still in the same shape as 2022, I would have preferred Weekes at 5/8 but credit where due....the Schu is training the house down and obviously improved his diet and looks hot to trot, but I'm also convinced Schu in this fit state could easily play at lock floating both sides of the ruck and still using his ball skills along with the run option...will definitely get the 6 early.
This brings my other option for Weekes as an impact dummy half, as he has the smarts and explosive speed to worry defences big time, but only in short patches imo due to the excessive workload including rugged defensive duties and the fact we have potentially our best signing who "will" start with this impact role in Roache, who is an extremely talented player who has been pummeled by injuries and due for a change of luck.
Weekes does not possess the frame to hold the middle like Walker (imo) and could easily fill in anywhere from 1 - 7 at a pinch also.
He has massive versatiliy and hough hate comparing players as they are all individuals, Weekes is similar in many ways to a young Hynes, but far quicker.

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Might just have to bite the bullet and give Weekes a go as a centre or at least try him there if Josh does get first dibs as the 6 . Going through some of the other squads , quite a few more elusive type centres in their line ups without being particularly necessarily big or solid build . Taking the occasional ruck hit up for him should be not that much different from his present runs from full back in any case . Still see him as probably the sides best suited 6 at present but seems to be getting to the stage of using him or losing him , Naturally just can not receive a position for the sake of it but a Koula - Weekes centre combo not out of the realms of being a pretty handy one in the current circumstances . Still every prospect then that Weekes could still slot into a 6 or one role even if he is given a decent crack to hold down a centre spot initially .


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My opinion of course. But to me some players are like specialised pieces of work who seem to fit certain positions but are far less effective elsewhere. Cliff Lyons was like that. A natural 5/8 who was good at lock and centre but far less effective. I see Schuster of that type. He's a very natural ball player, who sees things a play or two ahead and who needs to be in the centre of the action guiding play. 5/8 is his most ideal position. That became obvious during his junior days. Anywhere else and he's less effective. Maybe in time a lock, sometimes half, but he's a natural as a ball player. He's also a solid defender which is what you need at 5/8.

Weekes to me is far more adaptable. In my mind he's a clever ball player also, but not in Schuster's class. But he has what Schuster doesnt have as much of. Speed and evasiveness. Not sure about his defense yet but he's a little in the Jamie Lyons type and is able to fill in just as effectively at full back, wing or in the halves. I think he'd also make a pretty decent centre, just like Koula. His natural speed and evasiveness makes him very adaptable in the back line, a great asset I suspect, and hope, and certainly a great back up for Turbo.

I think when you have a player like Schuster, you need to ensure his ability shines in the best position he is suited for. A player like Weekes (and Koula) shine no matter what position in the backline you place them in because their natural athleticism can adapt well. Weekes has already shone as full back. He would eat wing, because of speed and evasiveness and like full back he's there to catch the ball and return it. He's already doing that at full back. Great support for Turbo. As a centre, he'd eat it I suspect because like Jamie Lyons he has pace and evasiveness. Halves he'd do well. Important to utilise players in their best role. Some of them fit in anywhere that suits their characteristics.

Schuster has one or two positions where he's excellent. Weekes, like Koula could be equally effective no matter where they are in the back line.

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