Where does Manly go from Here?

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We showed up, gave it our best and fell short.

What is the next step? Not just in terms of personnel, (especially with the cap) but in terms of direction, pattern, plan and the future.

How does Manly turn it around to get into the top 4 and challenge for the premiership??
We need to do a 'Tigers' and work out how we can outsmart the rest of the Comp with with the talent we have at our disposal. We already have some outstanding backline players in Orford, Bell, Lyon and Stewart, and some very good forwards to work with, in Beaver, Watmough and Kite. I thinks anytime you have 7 very good players in your starting lineup, you're off to a pretty good start. The Tigers were able to win with a pack not much better than ours, nor theur backline. If they can do it, I can't see why we can't. We just need to work out the tactics to play to our strengths, something we OBVIOUSLY didn't do against the Dragons on Friday. We hadn't worked out in advance how we were going to realistically beat them it seemed. We need to be smarter.......
May not be as bad as it looks we are losing BK and Gaining Lyon so generally should be about the same standard as now better in the backs but weaker in the forwards

Dragons lose Barrett, Bailey,Timmins ?
Bronco's lose Webke, Thorn ?
Bulldog's lose Asotasi, Myles
Storm lose Hill,Webster,Kidwell

Imo we have not lost as much as many of the other top teams which could put us in the right place at the right time next year.
Good point Utility Player. However, while the Dragons are losing quality players, they always seem to be unable to unearth amazing Juniors/PL players, like Morris, Naiqama, Sims, Poore, etc. We can't seem to do this. That is where a big part of our problem lies.

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Some of the young players will start to come through. It doesn't happen in five minutes.

Key for me is that we need to have strikepower all over the park. Stewart and our outside backs are all good given room and opportunity. Our pack offers little in attack. It isn't all about metres. We need forwards who can offload (Rose), different angles, run arounds, forwards wide, inside and outside options. It isn't just a metre game but should be about decoys and keeping big men in doubt as to who the ball carriers will be. I would like to see Beaver and Choc running wider lines, a ball playing second rower and some greater variety inside opposition quarters.

Our defence is okay, though the best form of defence is attack and field position.


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Say farewell to Roach is my tip. The forwards are not going well and with BK out of the line I'm concerned about that lot. His style of forward play is dinosaur like and we need an up to date coach to get the best out of our hulks. It's interesting to read the threads regarding getting smarter with play. This is the coach's area and I'm not certain that Hasler has the smarts to read and adjust our game plans accordingly. The dragons game said it all.


I think we'll be fine!

I am willing to predict us as a top 4 team next year!

I think we will all be pleasantly surprised with the team next year.. Jamie Lyon is going to add ALOT

The forwards are a bit of a concern i know.. but it just think they'll stand up again


I would like to see a clever side take the field, it seems like Dazzler is trying to coach 17 versions of himself to take the field sometimes, ie tough, fit, determined work horses with a simple game plan.

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