Whats the latest with Matai???


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Morning tax dodgers! Can anyone provide the latest on what has is happening with Matai for next season?? I believe he is getting better with each game and a better prospect at this stage than Ashley 'Turnstile' Alberts.

Also, Captain Johnno just got tickets on-line for Sunday for us and I cannot farking wait!! I would love nothing more to see those inbred closet supporters go home looking depressed and shattered after a defeat by our beloved Eagles.. !pray:

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He hasn't signed yet but their is an offer on the table, apparently looking for more cash.

I hope he signes he has been pretty good for a 1st year player, with plenty of potential & a bit of mongrel.


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Silver you do realise that Matai misses more tackles than alberts - another 6 on the weekend.

Alberts has far more potential - matai will be here for depth


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Why not Alberts on the wing, with Matai in the centres? Apparently Alberts was clocked as one of the fastest in the club:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Ashley Alberts
03. Steve Bell
04. Steve Matai
05. Chris Hicks
06. Michael Monaghan
07. Matt Orford

With Steppa getting more time in PL?

To be honest guys, we can potentially lose Steppa OR Matai, and it really wouldn't make that much of a difference. What I WOULD say though, is if the club is seriously wanting depth, those playing being in PL should injury strike us is the way to go.


I thought when Matai was on the wing on the weekend when Hicks was injured that he was defending way to far in on our line, and I was waiting for Smith to bomb the ball for their winger over Matai's head (though he didnt thank goodness) it is probably just a technique issue or training issue, and he was thrown in the deep end, but I wasnt convinced that he would be a great winger.


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Las Vegas - I agree with you on the whole dude - but if monnas plays the same as he did against Canberra - I'd actually be happy with him at 5/8. IF he is consistent though - and I understand he hasn't showed that consistency yet. It's like Cliff Lyons said about him though - he needs to control just ONE side of the ruck. He did that on Saturday night, and went well. With Orford, it will only be better.


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There is a post on MSE from someone that still doesn't think Orford has signed with us because there hasn't been an announcement on the MSE site.Also a poster has Orford still tossing up between us and the Storm.Geeze there was a press release from Orford posted here and on MSE...Some people!

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Andrew that is typical of the brain surgeons that inhabit MSE - some people should just be ignored.


Mattai has potential but lacks speed and misses too many tackles for a centre in FG.

I am not sure where Monaghan will fit into the team next year.

Burns is playing well and should be looked at as our 5/8 next year. With Dunley and Ballin as hookers Monaghan may be playing PL or for Souths.

ME also mentions that Taylor and Peachey are going to france next year. Obviously they are not going to wait around for dessie to call them into first grade.


Monas is a half. He will be the 5/8 next year & I would have Witt start as Chaddy with Ballin to take his place should his form still be down. Same threat to hang over Monnas head with Burns.
As for the three quarters, we need to keep both Matai & Steppa as there is always at least one of the six of them injured (and yes I realise that a full back isn't technically a 3/4) and we need five on the park.

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