What's the go?

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What's the go?

My mobile has been ringing non stop for the last 2 days with people telling me that Jamie Lyons was given a release from Parramatta for next year at 10am yesterday. The reason given for the release is to upgarde Parra contracts with the likes of Smith ($70K to $200K?) I have also heard that Mona's been sold to Souths to make room to pay Lyons?

Has anyone else have anything CONCRETE, to confirm this story? Also does anyone have any gossip on us getting an aggressive Prop? Instead of the powder puffs we currently have?
What's the go?

I hope your right mellon but apart from the normal rumour mill about Lyon that has been going on for about 18 months I have heard nothing recently.

Apparently we have Rose from Roosters, never seen him though. But he is no Mark carroll, Kevin Ward of Lurch Oneill.

BTW who has been ringing - anyone reliable?
What's the go?

Those rumours have been around for a couple of weeks re:Lyons and Monas. But nothing is final. We can only guess that Souths don't want to pay more than $20k a season for Monas so manly are still working out the rest of the payout figure. :)
What's the go?

i heard those rumours as well on another grapevine but didnt put any stock in them
What's the go?

Source is a current and and an ex Parramatta First Grader, obviously wont name them, but I reckon they would know more than me.
What's the go?

Sounds promising then
What's the go?

As Byso has stated the rumour's have been around for awhile now,but i heard it again on monday that Monnas will be a bunny next season with Manly paying half of his contract money.Also that Lyon was granted a release from the final year of his contract and will be at Brookvale form next season.I rekcon old Max should just pay Monnas out since he was the one that forced the issue and got him a new deal.Let's hope it turn's out to be true.
What's the go?

Paying $120k for that little prat to make a fool of himself at Souths is nearly worth it. Nearly.

What a stunning waste of money!
What's the go?

Well that now explains why we were smashed on Sunday.

It was all part of the agreement for Parra to release Lyon. We would roll over and get beaten badly and in return Parra would agree to release Lyon. Brilliant strategy Manly. Short term pain for long term gain.

Drooling badly at the thought of Lyon and Bell running onto Orford's passes in 2006. I hope it is true.

Also explains why they were celebrating on mad Monday.

I wonder if the bunnies also want a 5/8 and prop?
What's the go?

I hope we get Lyon, imagine Lyon running off Orford breaking down the field, tackled 30 m out from teh kick off. Next play Orford chips over the top and a flying Stewart catches and scores.
What's the go?

Well if this is true (which i doubt) would people be playing Lyon at 5/8 or centre




Oh and i wish we could release Witt as opposed to Mona's..............but i spose we need more money
What's the go?

$200k for Smith and he's a certain Origin and probably Kangaroo halfback as early as next year!

And we get the Monaghan fool for $240k.

Puts things in perspective doesn't it?
What's the go?

Just looking at discos backline and I was wondering.

Where is Ashley Alberts??

wasnt in the reggies for the weekends game, injured? Sick? other?
What's the go?

Ash played last weekend but to be honest was pretty ordinary - not sure what his story is whether he is still sick or spat the dummy.
What's the go?

The sports show tonight was talking about the roosters trying to offload Finch to souths.

This doesn't sound good for our chances of offloading Monaghan to souths as they don't want 2 halfwitts - sorry meant to say half backs. Unless the roosters are considering taking Monaghan? Surely not.

Sounds lots of movement in the players transfers already and the season hasn't finished yet.
What's the go?

This talk of Lyon is rubbish - I checked it out yeseterday. He will play another year in England and the GC have waved a huge offer in his face that Manly will NEVER match.

The GC intend 2 make him the face of the club in its first year and the sponsorship he will get will make him a 7 figure per year man. Manly are out of the race.
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