what would you do?


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if you could have the floor with the boys for a couple of minutes what would you say to them before the game to fire them up, to help them get the spark back into the side?


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good one matas, can you make a banner and bring it to the game - it certainly fired me up!


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I prefer my "mediocrity will not be tolerated" banner.

Some of the bright sparks (AJ, that's you) couldn't decipher the difference between "mediocrity" and "Monaghan".

Well, I guess they're both ordinary and start with "M".

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I would be saying - here is a chance to stand up and be counted. King - have a go and make a few big tackles, Randall run to the open, Monas - hit a few runners out wide.

Do all that and you will catch them unprepared. They won't be expecting any of those things.

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Seriously - Flipper's post on Civonoceva saying he might not play is worth reading to them:

"I have such and such an injury and its probably best for the team that this is the week I have off to recover. I dont want to risk further injuring myself and this is the best week for me to sit on the sideline. We have a lot of hard games coming up and the game against manly is one the boys wont really need me for."

If that doesn't stir them up nothing will.


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wowee, matas with another fantastic call!, oh **** what will i do, beat it you hasneverbeen.masterbeler, i do seriously find it hard to believe you actually go for manly, who are you, are you an imposter from some other random club. is it, it is, you are brett kimmorley, you have your money that you stole form the peninsula, now piss off!


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Oh Vice you're commedy is sensational, you're beginning to sound like a disgruntled poster/member from another site. Will you reveal who you are?

I personally find such out bursts amusing/misguided so please feel free keep it up. I'm sure the rest of the ST posters enjoy a little chuckle at your expense :)

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Fortunately Vice it is possible to support Manly without thinking:

a) All our players are geniuses and should be playing Origin.

b) That poor form is anything apart from poor form

c) That we don't need better players than the ones we have

Get over it. If a poster thinks Monaghan, Randall, King or even Menzies is not playing well they can say it, but they have to be prepared for the opinions of others and willing to justify their argument.

If you want petty arguments there are better places for it!!

I would be very wary of suggesting that certain posters don't support Manly because that would simply paint you as a fool! You'd be wrong and end up making a bigger goose of yourself!!!

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