What do you expect from Ashley Alberts


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Many of us have seen him play over the last 6 or so weeks.

I've seen him make many breaks and make try saving tackles.

What do you expect this week out of him?


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Honestly i can see him being the talk of the town and really cutting it up big time in the next few weeks.

This weeki can see him getting heavily involved in the second half once he gets his confidence up a bit. He will run at the holes and show stewy the way to do it.

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I don't think we should expect too much too early.

If he is solid I will be very happy. To fit straight away into a new team is abig ask!


If he turns out to be the flashy centre we all hope it could go a big way towards fixing our centres problem. You never know- Alberts and Stephenson may well compliment each other in terms of their style of play, here's hoping!

The Wheel

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Don't expect too much from him this week but I hope he marks the Souths centre they have just brought up from Flegg.


All being well as far as injuries & confidence goes, I expect to see the future of the club & the odds on us winning the title shortening. Not trying to build him up, just believe this kid has talent.


Kim Jong Dan
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If he stays injury free it willt ake him 2 weeks to fit into the team but I can see him weaving some magic tommorrow night


After all the hype I've read here, anything less than 3 tries and 2 two try assists will be dissapointing.


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lets just say this volley - he is the most exciting player ive seen for a long time at our club


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I can see him being crucified if he misses any tackles or does not score 3 tries.

I dont expect anyting big this week, will take a few weeks to fit in as someone said and he is still only a few games back after a long time out injured.

The Wheel

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I hope we see some of the form he showed against the Panthers in PL but I also hope he doesn't get crucified if the doesn't live up to the high expectations being placed on him.


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He has been a STAND out in PL, as was Hill & Gartner. They both made an immidiate mark on the team, as I think Ash Wednesday will.

The Wheel

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Hill & Gartner - please explain??

Are you about Daniel or Russell Gartner?? When did Terry Hill last play P/L he would have been about 17 yrs old.


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That IS correct. I'm saying a few "special" players had the ability to make an immediate impact as per Daniel Gartner & Terry Hill.

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