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what do we really honestly think?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by bazeagle, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. bazeagle

    bazeagle Well-Known Member

    +270 /43
    can we really win on Friday night?
    souths are on a roll of self belief
    however, if scores are really close at the 20 min mark and HT we are really in it
    I like the under the radar vibe - we are not expected to win
    love to see the rabbits fans gutted and it's a long lonely sad way home from ANZ
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    • Crusher_Cleal

      Crusher_Cleal Well-Known Member

      +563 /17
      if i was a neutral fan, i would pick us to lose by 14. however, i know how good we can be on our day. i just hope friday is our day. if our backline fires, and our forwards hold their own, anything is possible. Manly by 2!
    • mickqld

      mickqld Sack Greenslime 2016 Tipping Competitor

      Gold Coast
      +3,784 /61
      If we are in front after 80 min I think we can win :p
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      • master blaster

        master blaster Well-Known Member

        +674 /4
        Matty Johns on back page didnt give us a chance,surely that makes us specials now dont it
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        • mozgrame

          mozgrame Well-Known Member

          +4,710 /46
          I know this sounds odd but, I'm happier to come into this game on a roll rather than after having the weekend off. We held our own and should be proud of the effort against the roosters. We rolled the Sharks when all and sundry thought we'd fall away in the second half due to fatigue. I think we are in excellent fighting condition. It will be a battle for sure, but we'll be motivated. Time to teach these Rabbits all about grinding finals footy.
        • Daveagle

          Daveagle Well-Known Member

          Hervey Bay
          +176 /0
          If we score first and lead at half time,we will win.

          We have won 32 of the last 35 after scoring the first try . Souths have won 33 of their last 37 after leading at half time.
        • COMMANDER

          COMMANDER IF YOU DO NOT TRY YOU CAN NOT FAIL 2016 Tipping Competitor

          Honestly: yes we can win.

          Will we? Tune in Friday!
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          • swoop

            swoop Well-Known Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

            +1,227 /18
            I honestly think we're a great chance, we are battle hardened and they've had a week. I don't know if having a week off is an advantage, it ruins your momentum especially if you have limited finals experience.

            Providing our guys are not carrying too many injuries we're in this up to our necks
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            • The Eagle Has Landed

              The Eagle Has Landed Well-Known Member

              +439 /7
              THIS X2
            • EagleFromMay1967

              EagleFromMay1967 In bed before the room got dark.

              Blue Mountains these days
              +1,234 /44
              Lets face it, the penalties will favor the Wabbits. They know that and that alone will give them confidence. ie knowing that they have the refs on their side.

              But maybe the occasion will get to them. They do have some inexperienced players here and there.

              What could win it for MWSE is if the scores are close and one of them makes a ridiculous , nervous mistake which allows Manly to score.
              If Manly are still ahead with 20 to go, will they respond with good footy or catch up footy?
              Souths have beaten us twice this year, and have the psychopathic advantage.
              We are behind the 8 ball where no one can see us. Under the radar and under the carpet. The NRL will be happy if we stay there, but Murphys law will apply and we will make a stink of ourselves.
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              • Las Vegas Blvd

                Las Vegas Blvd Active Member

                +53 /0
                ...." The team who scores the most points will win " Laurie Daley
              • Killer03

                Killer03 Well-Known Member

                +2,723 /29
                I believe the rabbitohs already have an eye on next weeks Grand Final.....BRING IT ON!

                The media has written us off, the experts have written us off....sound familiar? 08 and 11 spring to my mind.
              • Somatik

                Somatik Member

                +1 /0
                Who did we beat to go into the last 3 Grand Finals?

                Cant seem to find it online

                Just curious
              • dowdz

                dowdz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

                +853 /5
                I think if we get some of the 50/50 calls to go our way, and we are not to battered and bruised, we will get up.
              • mickqld

                mickqld Sack Greenslime 2016 Tipping Competitor

                Gold Coast
                +3,784 /61
                2007 Cowboys
                2008 Warriors
                2011 Broncos
              • Killer03

                Killer03 Well-Known Member

                +2,723 /29
                07 - Cowboys
                08 - Warriors
                11 - Broncos
              • Top End Eagle

                Top End Eagle Well-Known Member

                +1,085 /45
                Cowboys warriors broncos. All favoured over us.

                We have got this, the rabid toes will choke. Too much pressure and some really inexperienced blokes across the park without the hard heads we have to mentor them.

                They are going down. We will smack the chooks in the gf.

                Can't believe kimmorley just said that manly are done and Newcastle are playing so much better than us. No wonder they call him knobby.
              • 1969

                1969 Well-Known Member

                Burleigh Heads
                +432 /49
                It is a tough call. Roosters smashed us and we are walking wounded.

                The Bunnies have the bandits, and a week off.

                If we lose our sh1t with 20 to go like last week we get owned.

                I bleed Maroon and White, and honestly, think we can get them by 1.

                And be grateful....
              • NYEagle

                NYEagle Well-Known Member

                +1,150 /69
                My sentiments exactly.
              • God

                God Well-Known Member

                +411 /10
                Lets be honest if he was any good at his job or knew what he was on about he would of got the canberra job, instead he's an assistant to the guy who managed to set parra back two years which was quite a feat in itself given they got the spoon before he started. #dumbanddumber
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