What are YOU doing saturday night?


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Are you going down to WIN stadium to support the Eagles?

Are you using the supporter bus, that the Manly FC has organised?

Watch it at home on Fox?


Go to the pub/club watching the game while downing plenty of beverages?
I have a 40th birthday party at some hall, so no fox, TV etc. Might have to call someone to get updates.
Im working. Till about 8.30, but will be home by 9, ready for the 9.20 start on FOX. Just have to figure out my new DVD Recorder, its a little different from the parents but should be a cracker of a game.
I'll probably go to the club with Six and our mrs.....I'll probably get !drunk:
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Mrs Bradza and I are going to make the trek down to the Gong for the first time in 7 years. Hopefully the boys perform and it is worth the effort.

I think we will win.
IM undecided yet.

have to make som phonecalls and see.

If i go i will drive down - from where i am i would be past halfway by the time i got to the club anyway
I'm playing tennis most of Saturday afternoon which may prevent me from making the trek to Wollongong . I'll probably head up to Harbord Diggers & watch it with some friends @ 9.20pm.
I was going to go down there until i realised what time it was on and it ruined all my evil plans.!!
I am staying with another family in Byron. The other bloke with us is a big Dragon supporter (who took us to Kogarah last year). We will have to find a club with Fox to watch on Saturday night.

Can anyone recommend a spot in Byron to watch the game!
Thanks Manly4ever! Will check it out. Hope we win - had to travel home with him after the Kogarah debacle - need a different result that will keep them pinned to the cellar!!!
byso is such a stalker wanting to know what everyone is doing.

Set some booby traps in the bushes guys, that should trip byso up
He is worry, especially when he nudes up in the bushes with his uumm "camera" in "hand".
although he does it so often its kind of broing now

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