What a difference a couple of games can make

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A few weeks back we had a topic, Hasler v Bellamy, praising both as good coaches and being up there near the best. Now Hasler has no idea about picking a side and coaching it

Last week Gould was ripped apart for suggesting our attack was limited and was struggling. Now 1 week later everyone is slating our attack


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I guess some take the view you are only as good as your last game and can be very short sighted.

Jatz Crackers

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In the 60s we had revolutionaries.

We now have expert reactionaries.

In all seriousness, wether its here or on other sites, there just seems to be a flood of unecessary pessimism from what in essence is one poor game.


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I'm just glad I remained balanced, and have always said Des has a ways to go as a coach. Actually, I got smashed for saying such. It's interesting to see what is happenning now the bubble has burst.


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i' with Ryan - i was also balanced. Chin up buddy, i knew you were on the ball

Thaaanks mate...you know....if you were here...I'd give you a hug right now !! :lol:

Jatz Crackers

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I will make this one point about Des as coach.

His positional selections and his so called risk averse nature MAY have some basis of truth to it. Then again the multitude of variables and unforcastable factors of managing football teams makes judging him difficult doesnt it.

But one thing thats more than undeniable is the more telling fact that he has been building towards a premiership since he took over the reins & to date his record has only ever been on the up.

I agree KE. There are just way too many who judge on one loss or without thinking about the bigger picture.

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I reckon that a few of us should coaching a kids side, and then we would appreciate what is involved.

I don't knock Des as he think he is a very good coach. To expect to win every week in a 26 week season is unrealistic.

The real measure of his coaching will come in September.

There are two comps - one is to make the 8 and the second one is to do something when we get there.


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I didn't see the game as I was in that blighted state south of the Murray. so I have nothing to say (for once).


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Welcome back mate !!

RE: Topic....it's not one loss guys....we are going through a poor "period". We don't have that killing edge just yet.

We should be building, but we are somehow in a lull.

In regards to Des as coach. Here's a stat. Apart from the coaches that had not coached a game, Des Hasler had the worst percentages of the lot.

I'm also yet to see him win a final at the club.


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As I see it, we can lose the next three games and still be in second place.

We are virtually assured a top 4 spot and home semi final.

Every team experiences a dip in form at some point in the season.

I'm happy to fly under the radar and see the players hit their straps in late August with a Top 2 spot still there for the taking.


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That percentage was at the start of this year by the way.

Dont forget he took over a club that was starting from scratch pretty much.

Now look at his stats for each year he has been in charge, 04/05/06/07 and we all know what it will show. It would also look favourable next to other coaches on that basis. Now to win a finals game!!!!


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Wasn't Ryan of the opinion we were Premiership certainties 2 weeks ago?

Actually...no. With Burns / Willow / Monaghan / Dunley / Rose / Hicks all potentially leaving, I knew there would be a complacency around the place.

I'm actually, and have been for some time, been worried that the above, along with injuries & off field issues may result in a 2005 end of season slump.

The past 4 weeks haven't changed that way of thinking.

Like I say, it's not one game....we have been down for a while. About the same time Lyon has been playing 5/8 funnily enough !!!

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