We're Hitting Great Form

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We're Hitting Great Form

In my opinion, the entire team is currently nearing their best form of the year. All players 1 through 17 seem to have really lifted in the past few weeks just in time for finals footy and we could go a lot further in the finals than most expect.

Stewart is in scintillating form, Robertson has been very consistent, Matai is breaking tackles at will, Bell has been good but might be the exception to this as he hasn't got back to his form pre-injury, Hicks is looking dangerous every time he touches the ball, Burns has been great both in defence and attack and Orford is playing better than he has all year.

King has lifted in the past two weeks and is making a lot more ground carrying the ball, Monaghan has been tough in defence and his kicking has been excellent, Kite is in career best form and must be in consideration for an Australian jersey, Menzies has been brilliant since returning from injury, Watmough has ran and tackled hard but needs to work on his handling, and Kennedy is Kennedy, no matter what the game he'll put in a near MOM performance every time.

Our bench is looking better than it has in years. There are 5 options there for Des to pick from and whoever is picked will put in 110%. Willow is ruthless in defence, Dunley is giving away less penalties and is looking more dangerous in attack, Rose has been massive lately, and both Bryant and Leuluai have also improved in recent weeks.

Overall, I find it awesome how the team is currently playing and we definitely have a team that can take us all the way. Go the mighty Eagles!
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We're Hitting Great Form

agree with you 100%. Hopefully the boys are peaking at just the right time!!

By the way happy birthday Downie :clap:
We're Hitting Great Form

Happy Bithday mate!!

One thing i have noticed over the last few weeks with Matai is as you stated he is breaking tackles at will.. and a few times friday night when we were camped down our end he was picking it up from dummy half and making an easy 10 - 15 metres everytime!!

He is starting to remind me of Justin Hodges in that regard... hope he keeps it up!

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