Why wasn't Webb in the sin bin.

First incident - runs in from outside and starts a fight with the player who is lying on the ground. Attacking a player lying on the ground is worse than sitting at them in my books. 50/50 to the bin. Ill grant he didnt go seeing it is a big game.

Second incident - next tackle intentionally elbows teh same player who is agian lying on the ground in the head. Must go to the bin for this low act.

He also must be charged with contary conduct.
Bet you boys wish Webb was on your bench.

2 props in a 17 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
boo hoo hoo hoo hoo boo hoohoo bboo hhooo boo hoo

arent you guys getting used to losing by now.it is an art form in which nsw rules the world.

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bring back don tweedle-he's the man for the job.
mata no one gives a flying **** re the waratahs, they are not a NSW team, as in NSW or QLD League, they are just a business franchise or club, like Manly, Parra, Brisbane etc.... and lets just say, there not our club! The teams full of Queenslanders for a start!
The Tahs are my team - I have a good friend in the 2nds squad and a kid I teach is son of the Backs coach! (Ex Manly rugby and a famous league/rugby surname to boot!!!!)

Go the Tahs!!! How Mata could support a Kiwi team to beat an Aussie team is beyond me!!!!!
I love the QLDers intelligent responses of boohoo or whatever.

I'm assuming by your lack of counter arguement that you realise Webb should have been in the bin and you are trying to cover that.
I wouldnt bother - the queenzealanders got away with everything. It was a normal origen match in that respect.
I never saw Brad fittler sent off for legitametely disputing a referees decision - something he used to do regularly, even when not captain.

ads - in answer to your question. Everyone knows there are different rules for Origin. When was the last time a sin bin was used for 3rd man in? Probably Game 2 1988 when Wally Lewis was marched and the can rained down.

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