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The Wheel

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I issue a challenge to all Silvertail members to start sending emails to everyone you know in an effort to have as many Manly & Rugby League fans as possible sign the petition to upgrade brookie oval.

To remain successful in the years ahead the club desperately needs a ground where fans can be comfortable & safe and the facilities provided justify the ticket price they now charge.

Do you want to support a winning footy team or go back to the dim dark days of the Northern Eagles?? If you you want to be on a winner then we need all fans to gather support for the redevelopment of Brookie.

Getting friends & family to sign a petition to the NSW government asking them to provide fair & reasonable support to the club's proposal is one simple way you can help out.

Don't sit back and rely on somebody else to do it.

The email I have sent to my friend/family is below for anyone who wants to copy it.

"Manly Sea Eagles need a football stadium to remain competitive in the NRL. All other Sydney clubs (& interstate clubs for that matter) have received significant government support to redevelop their home grounds. Unlike teams like Penrith, St George and Newcastle, the peninsula is not in a marginal or ALP electorate so it is constantly ignored when funds are handed out.

We have to start to pressure the State & Federal governments to include Brookvale Oval in any future grants programme. The first step is a petition to show our elected officials that the people of this state want a 21st century sporting facility on the peninsula. I therefore respectfully ask if you could take a few minutes of your time to sign the petition below, just follow the link.

Sea Eagles' Fans have started a petition to obtain funds for the upgrading of Brookvale Oval. If you would like to sign the petition please go to http://www.petitiononline.com/brookie/petition.html

Thanks everyone, please pass this onto to any Manly fan you know."

Hope you all help, let us know how many people you sent this onto.


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We'd have to ask dan. I can sticky it but it throws the thread up in the top section of the forum where nobody will see it.

There used to be a way to keep posts at the top.


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Good idea. But how many of our friends are Manly supporters. That haven't alreadt signed it?

The Wheel

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Don't know but they might send it on to some other friends to sign it


UFO Hunter
Who cares if they aren't manly supporters. I'd sign one for a mate if they asked me and they supported another team. Thats what 'friends' are for.

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