Watmough has AVO slapped on him

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Footy star ordered to keep away from ex

June 25, 2007 02:13pm

MANLY NRL star Anthony Watmough has been ordered to stay away from his former partner for 12 months, in an apprehended violence order (AVO) ruling in a Sydney court.

The 23-year-old Sea Eagles' second-rower appeared today in Manly Local Court, where his former partner Gillian Rixon, 24, was granted an AVO following a series of incidents in 2004 and 2005.

On one occasion, Watmough is alleged to have punched Ms Rixon and thrown coins at her after a New Year's Eve party.

He is also alleged to have assaulted her outside the home of his manager, George Mimis.

No criminal charges have been laid over either incident.

The court also heard today that when police attended the scene outside Mr Mimis' house, Watmough threatened to take away financial support from Ms Rixon if she spoke up.

Watmough's lawyer told the court that Ms Rixon's statements were "fabrications and lies" but magistrate Jane Culver said her evidence was "clearly reliable".


Jason Ryles has also taken out an AVO against choc for this sunday's game.

Meow meow

Jatz Crackers

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Any comments Jatz?


1) Culver does say Rixons evidence was reliable.
2) In any case it would take a miracle worker to avoid this pre-determined decision. As I have said, Culver must issue the AVO if she believes the applicant holds a fear of the respondent. Unless of course the respondent can disprove the applicants assertions which is nigh on impossible.

So Choc was always going to have this issued.


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[quote author=Matabele]
So there's no smoke wafting through the air?

What did i state in point 1 ?

I think your fresh water lure is no good near my ocean fronted beach. ;)


Have you revised your opinion on our hero then?

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No. There has been no finding of fact, so I wont judge him based on the application alone.

Considering the twinfold factors of :

a) timeframe between alleged events and the actual complaint
b) the associated issue of residency/access of the children

I could easily summise that this is merely another vexatious application. But I will abstain from judgement either way.


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Second hand news is always dangerous, but being a family man I can understand how easy it can be to let your emotions run wild when children are involved. I'm making this point because I heard that choc's ex had a visit from DOCS about the welfare of their children.
So i don't think it's all as black and white as the media would have us believe.


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Agree Jatz, AVOs are entirely unreliable as to the character of either party. The point is that magistrates are loath to not give them in the event of their decision coming back to bite them and them appearing on the front page of the Tle. Ergo they're always granted.


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Maybe Choc doesn't have a problem with the AVO 12 mths, its probably too soon in his eyes. Just hope she leaves him alone to concentrate on football for the same amount of time.

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