Pre-Game Warriors v Manly [Round 25, 2023]

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18 Aug 2023 06:00 PM

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No. I think we will be more than competitive, as we were against the 'Riff.
It will be interesting to see how Jake Arthur goes with DCE, and if The Shoe does improve as a forward.

Agree we will more than competitive and with so many of our top squad out that’s all you can ask for.

Kiwi Eagle

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This team (full of pea hearts) is a different kettle of fish though. Tell them not to stress. Jesus, we've won 9 of our last 28 games, and 4 or our last 14. They could actually rest players, and do a number on us (like Panthers did).
You’re coming in with 28 games of mediocrity, their minds are crippled by 25 years of it lol

Those same Warriors fans were saying the same thing about themselves last year while running 14th
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The Sydney Morning Herald reports coach Anthony Seibold is set to make a big call on Josh Schuster after a hot and cold season at five-eighth. According to the report Schuster will move to the forwards and Jake Arthur will partner Daly Cherry-Evans in the halves.

The Wheel
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1 Reuben Garrick

2 Jason Saab

3 Tolu Koula

4 Morgan Harper

5 Raymond Tuaimalo Vaega

6 Josh Schuster

7 Daly Cherry-Evans ©

8 Toff Sipley

9 Lachlan Croker

10 Sean Keppie

11 Haumole Olakau’atu

12 Kelma Tuilagi

13 Jake Trbojevic


14 Jakob Arthur

15 Dean Matterson

16 Aaron Woods

17 Ethan Bullemor

18 Gordon Chan Kum Tong

19 Ben Condon

20 Samuela Fainu

21 Austin Dias

22 Jamie Humphreys

40 nil

It's only a game ...
GCKT at 18 - wonder if he'll finally get a game? Probably not, with 2 utilities already on the bench.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Walker will score against us and show passion we haven't seen at our club this year for his jersey.
And when he was in our jersey, the majority of people said he was crap and wanted him gone, and Hasler was braindead for playing him in the role he is playing now


Journey Man
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Thank You @The Wheel

The Manly long wait Perspective time ......

The long wait for All Sea eagles fans including the ones in Auckland is well and truly OVER DUE for a Premiership Win

2023 looks like another uneventful and fruitless top 8 finals year
2011 seems a long long time ago

Lower our Legendary clubs Great standards and We stand for nothing Great


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Game sold out now, big kiwi crowd to spur us on 🤦‍♂️
The Spur us on Perspective time...
Lets hope Seibold spurs his team on to a win as well
Lets hope he can spur Manly on to win the next 3 games and to finals footy in 2023 .
We historically have a winning away record against the Kiwis .
Lets hope we win this one too


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So, do the NRL's Nos. 19 to 22 slot into the Workers?
How long has it been since Condom played a match?
I think at times depending on schedule. If workers play sat and manly sunday, maybe not. I saw condon in photos going to nz so i presume the journey would rule those players out

teams can get last minute dispensation if the squad gets sick or covid so i think they cover those bases first

not sure, just how i think it would work


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In a squad that size Kao can not even make the 22? They must want him to get game time back here?
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