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VNRL Teams Only

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Nutzcraw, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

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    Burpengary Boozehounds (most likely team)

    01. Milton Thaiday
    02. Tony Martin
    03. Matt King
    04. Timana Tahu
    05. Jake Webster
    06. Benji Marshall
    07. Grant Rovelli
    08. Bryce Gibbs
    09. George Gatis
    10. Scott Logan
    11. Ashley Harrison
    12. Carl Webb
    13. Tonie Carroll

    14. Brett Morris
    15. Wairangi Koopu
    16. Simon Mannering
    17. Paul Aiton

    18. Matty Head
    19. William Zillman
    20. Marshall Chalk
    21. Fraser Anderson
    22. James Stosic
    23: Riley Brown
    24: Matthew Petersen
  2. fLIP

    fLIP UFO Hunter

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    Queensland Pirates

    1. Karmichael Hunt
    2. Luke Covell
    3. Israel Falou
    4. Brent Tate
    5. Jaryd Hayne
    6. Adam Dykes
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Brent Kite
    9. Michael Monaghan
    10. Mark O'Mealy
    11. Greg Bird
    12. Anthony Tupou
    13. Daniel Wagon

    14. Jarrod Mullen
    15. Justin Smith
    16. Shane Tronc
    17. Luke O'Dwyer

    Jamie Soward
    Matt Hilder
    Joel Monaghan
  3. Utility Player

    Utility Player Well-Known Member

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    Runnersup Pigeons

    1 Shaun Foley
    2 Adrian Purtell
    3 Shane Rigon
    4 Keith Lulia
    5 Jason Moodie
    6 Sione Faumuina
    7 James Aubusson
    8 Steve Price
    9 Tony Caine
    10 Ruben Wiki
    11 Corey Parker
    12 Luke Swain
    13 Bronson Harrison

    14 Cameron Phelps
    15 Josh Graham
    16 Glen Turner
    17 Michael Luck

    Sam Rapira
    Michael Bani
    Charlie Tonga
    Kane Cleal
    Michael Hodgson
    Michael Jennings
    Aaron Groom
    Stuart Webb
  4. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

    +5,617 /203
    1. Stewart
    2. Ah Van
    3. Macdougal
    4. Hookey
    5. Sweeney
    6. Champion
    7. Carney
    8. Stapleton
    9. Webb
    10 Williams
    11. Bickerstaff
    12. Scott
    13. Lowrie

    14. Cutler
    15. Stephenson
    16. Beatie
    17. Galea

    Gasnier (injured)
    Graham (injured)
    Mellars (injured)

    I guess im hoping on a few injured guys to return
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +9,386 /402

    01. Richie Mathers
    02. David Seage
    03. Germain Poulsen
    04. Todd Polgase
    05. Colin Best
    06. Brett Firman
    07. Brett Seymour
    08. Ray Cashmere
    09. Mark Minichello
    10. Aaron Cannings
    11. Matthew Cross
    12. Richard Faaoso
    13. Craig Fitzgibbon

    14. Daniel Irvine
    15. Manese Manukafoa
    16. Scott Geddes
    17. Dallas McIlwain
    18. Ben Rogers

    Russell Aitken - 5/8
    Tom Hewitt - Wing
    David Milne - Wing
    Luke Quigley - Hooker
    Dane Tilse - Front Row
    Justin Tsoulos - Front row
    Michael Crocket - wing
  6. SilentBob

    SilentBob Well-Known Member

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    Reapers round 1

    01. Matt Bowen
    02. Amos Roberts
    03. Ty Williams
    04. Paul Whatuira
    05. Tame Tupou
    06. Darren Lockyer
    07. Andrew Johns (GK) ***
    08. Brad Thorn
    09. Terence Seu***
    10. Matthew Scott
    11. Nathan Hindmarsh***
    12. Lance Thompson
    13. Paul Gallen***

    14. Dean Collis
    15. Kurt Gidley
    16. Paul Bowman
    17. Ian Hindmarsh

    *** = possible late withdrawals.

    Matt Geyer, Sam Perrett, George Carmont, Ben Roberts, John Sutton, PJ Marsh, Rod Jensen, Jarrad Hickey
  7. Downie

    Downie Active Member

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    Manly McAwesomes

    1. Brett Hodgson
    2. Michael Robertson
    3. Mark Henry
    4. David Stagg
    5. Brenton Bowen
    6. Jerome Ropati
    7. Brent Sherwin
    8. Ben Cross
    9. Lincoln Withers
    10. Petero Civoniceva
    11. David Faalogo
    12. Tony Puletua
    13. Alan Tongue (c)

    14. Anthony Quinn
    15. Travis Burns
    16. Adam Woolnough
    17. Glenn Stewart

    18. David Howell
    19. Krisnan Inu
    20. Anthony Laffranchi
    21. Rangi Chase
    22. Troy Thompson
    23. Evarn Tuimavave
    24. Akuila Uate
    25. Danny Wicks

    Chances are that won't be my first round team at all.
  8. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Mzilikazi Assegais:

    1. Luke Patten
    2. Hazem El Masri
    3. Adam MacDougall
    4. Gavin Cooper
    5. Luke Rooney
    6. Jason Smith (c)
    7. Josh Lewis
    13. Trent Waterhouse
    12. Luke O'Donnell
    11. Michael Crocker
    10. Luke Douglas
    9. Luke Priddis
    8. Nate Myles
    14. Nathan Fien
    15. David Peachey
    16. Liam Fulton
    17. Peter Cusack

    Possible late inclusions:
    Leahroyd Lars
    Josh Morris (Dragons)
  9. The Gronk

    The Gronk Well-Known Member

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    Prahran Pyros

    1. Anthony Minichiello
    Winger 2. Eric Grothe
    Centre 3. Matt Cooper
    Centre 4. Willie Tonga
    Winger 5. Mat Rogers (c)
    Five-eighth 6. Ben Hornby
    Halfback 7. Craig Gower
    Lock 13. Braith Anasta
    Second Row 12. Andrew Ryan
    Second Row 11. Steve Menzies
    Front rower 10. Steve Simpson
    Hooker 9. Danny Buderus
    Front rower 8. Joel Clinton
    Interchange Back 14. Matthew Utai
    Interchange Back 15. Brett Kimmorley
    Interchange Forward 16. Jason King
    Interchange Forward 17. Craig Wing
    Goalkicker Mat Rogers
  10. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

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    How can you have Inu when i have Inu
  11. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

    +1,776 /48
    WTF, Inu is now missing from my squad and i didn't cut him????
  12. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

    +1,776 /48
    VRL has screwed me

    there were two Inu's Christian and Krisian

    I signed Krisian (who is the actual player) then signed Christian as insurance, after i went to Rleague to get it fixed

    Turns out when the reset it, both Inu's were taken from my squad

    it really upsets me
  13. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Just a heads up, the reason VNRL went into hiatus for 2
    years was because of the extreme reactions from people at their occasional mistakes.

    Keep in mind two things:

    1. VNRL is an amateur outfit primarily run by volunteers.
    2. It's only a game.
  14. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

    +1,776 /48
    Just a heads up, the reason VNRL went into hiatus for 2
    years was because of the extreme reactions from people at their occasional mistakes.

    Keep in mind two things:

    1. VNRL is an amateur outfit primarily run by volunteers.
    2. It's only a game.
    oh calm down mata, im just joking round

    though Inu was really needed in my backline
  15. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

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    Dancers Release Inu

    Controvery has engulfed the Dancefloor with Dancers key signing Krisian Inu walking out on the club with just days before the season. In a scene likened to that of Steve Turner and the Titans, it Appears Inu committed to the Dancers before going back on his word and signing with Manly McAwesomes.
    A furious Disco was blunt with his message "look the kid has no morals, we signed him to an attractive deal, and treted him well and he deserts us when we need him most, i hope the kid breaks a leg"
    Coach Disco-Stu took a slightly more diplomatic approach "Obviously we would have like to have Krisian here, but he felt it was the right fit for himself, and went elsewhere........if only he could have been a bit more upfront about things.
    The Dancers have signed young Roosters back Shaun Kenny-Dowell as Inu replacement "Shaun has fiited in great, so well in fact that he may find himself in the 13 for round 1" Disco-Stu stated.

    The Dancers are expected to announce there round 1 team later on today
  16. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

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    Is there anyone that can move the non team replies? I don't wanna seem like a prick but i just thought it would be easier to run this if we have a thread where we can see all the teams and then use say the Trading thread to offer a trade to someone.... i gather that disco put his "press release" on the VRL site so it's not really needed here (although i thought it was a funny read).. so yeah not trying to be an arsehole but it just might be easier... whoever has the authority to do such things can delete this reply too
  17. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

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    Dancers Announce Round 1 team

    Disco-Stu has named a 19 man squad to take on the Reapers in there round 1 clash at the Dancefloor. Of particular note are the inclusions of young Bronco'd 5/8 Joel Moon in the centres and new signing Shaun Kenny-Dowell on the bench.
    Coach Disco-Stu warned there was still some tinkering before kickoff "we'll i named a 19 man squad so i have a bit of room to manauvre, Obviously Jeremy Smith and Nathan Friend are pushing for selection on the bench, they have the week at training to prove they are needed"
    The Dancers were pleased to note that of there 25 man squad, 20 were avaliable for first grade selection, however there was concern for the wing position "We are a bit short on for wingers and with Mcdonnell injured and Lawrence unavaliable we are concerned that we may only take the field with 12, though we hope that can be avoided"

    The Dancers lineup is

    1.Joel Reddy
    3.Steve Bell
    4.Joel Moon
    5.Steven Micheals
    6.Micheal Holdsworth
    7.Matt Orford
    8.Roy Asotasi
    9.Cameron Smith (C)
    10.Ben Ross
    11.Ryan Hoffman
    12.Clint Newton
    13.Greg Eastwood

    14.Shaun Kenny-Dowell
    15.Ben Pomeroy
    16.Brett White
    17.Logan Swann
    18.Jeremy Smith
    19.Nathan Friend

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