Victory over Warriors Match Report

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Journey Man
Manly swoop for trans Tasman victory:
13 March 2005

Manly flyer Scott Donald crossed for a double and a rejuvenated defensive line has held firm as the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have gathered up a victory across the Tasman for the second year in a row.

In a scrappy, mistake riddled game the Sea Eagles showed that their new recruits have put a new steel into their defence by smashing their more fancied opponents to record a famous 26-20 victory.

The Warriors departed from the field bloodied and bruised with head bandages and blood stained jerseys a testament to the fury of Manly over the full eighty minutes. Many had expected that it would be Manly that would be pulverised under a b;ack avalanche but Manly had the better of exchanges for much of the match and showed that their forward pack will be a feared unit this year.

The sides had barely settled down when Manly were controversially denied the opportunity of a try after Donald crossed the line. The referee declined the opportunity to go to the video referee, ruling that Brent Kite had lost the ball in a tackle. However replays suggested that it was a Warriors player that had stripped the ball.

The two sides then exchanged blows (sometimes literally) for the next twenty five minutes. Terry Hill was engaged in a running battle with the equally hot tempered Clinton Toopi and was put on report for a hit on his opposite in the 16th minute.

Shane Dunley conceded an unnecessary penalty in the 25th minute to allow the Warriors to open the scoring. Minutes later Kylie Leuluai had the crowd baying for blood after a smashing hit on Warriors captain Steven Price.

In the 29th minute Monaghan put through a clever chip kick close to the Warriors line. The ball was knocked back into his arms by Kiwi five eighth Lance Hohaia and Monaghan had the simple task of passing to Steve Menzies on the inside to allow the game’s greatest try-scoring forward a saloon passage to his 149th career try. Witt converted to put Manly ahead 6-2.

Other highlights in a mistake riddled first half were two 40/20 kicks from the Manly side showing that much practice has gone into this aspect of their over the off season. Des Hasler would also have been incredibly pleased with his side’s defence, the defensively challenged Sea Eagles side only missing 5 tackles in the entire first half.

However, he would have gained most pleasure from a 40th minute try just before the sides left for oranges. The Warriors were wilting late in the half and Manly capitalised. Monaghan saw a gap, dummied before the line and shimmied his way through. He was caught by the defence but played the ball quickly to allow Anthony Watmough to burrow over the line for a four pointer. Witt converted to give Manly a 12-2 lead at the break.

The game opened up early in the second half as both sides began to throw the ball around looking for an advantage. A Nathan Fien bomb bounced dangerously in the in-goal area before Brett Stewart cleaned up. This lead to a sustained period of attack on the Manly line. Manly defended well but were prised open when a kick through was fumbled allowing Henderson to regather and stagger towards the try line in the 47th minute. The try was converted.

Manly hit back quickly. Kite steamed towards the try-line to lay the platform before Monaghan spread the ball wide to the timeless duo of Hill and Hopoate. Hill beautifully drew his man before putting Hopoate into space for a try wide out on the right. Witt was unable to convert and with half an hour to go Manly led the match 16-8.

A stupid mistake in a play the ball by the ubiquitous Anthony Watmough (not the first time a brain explosion from that source has threatened to turn a game) allowed the Warriors to pressure the line. Jones put a kick through which was gathered by Stewart. There was a hint that Stewart was robbed of possession but the video referee saw it differently and awarded the try in the 53rd minute. Jones converted to make it a two point ball game.

The see sawing continued in the 57th minute as Manly’s forwards bashed the ball up towards the Warriors line before Michael Monaghan launched a towering bomb to the left had side for Donald Duck to swoop high, gather and plunge over for the try. Witt missed the conversion but Manly were ahead by the margin of a converted try.

Hill was placed on report again for a high tackle in the 71st minute. In the 75th minute Donald streaked 80 metres after the Warriors had bombed the Manly line and the ball had spilt free. Watmough picked up the ball and fed it to Donald who was never in doubt. The decision was referred to the video referee who controversially ruled that the ball had come off a Warriors player meaning that Watmough was not in an off side position when he fielded the ball. Michael Witt converted to create a 12 point lead.

Toopi crossed for a late consolation try but Manly had done enough to hang on for a strong 26-20 victory. There seemed to be few injury concerns for the Sea Eagles with most players walking off at the end of the match with smiles on their faces. They may need an ice pack or two but without information filtering from the sheds it looks as though they’ve all made it through safely and will be set to do battle with the Sharks next week.

Of more concern to Manly supporters will be Terry Hill twice on report and a high shot from Kylie Leuluai that is sure to attract attention. Fingers will be crossed that Hill will escape the week unscathed as he was intimidating and impregnable in defence and will be sorely needed to line up against the quicksilver Nigel Vagana next weekend.

On a personal note I’m very glad to be proven to be horribly wrong.

Vital statistics:

Completion rate: 64%
Errors: 14
Missed tackles: 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Matabele’s Best and Fairest points:

3: Terry Hill
2: Michael Monaghan
1: Michael Witt


Pretty fair summary. I agree whole heartedly about Tezza, he was great. The defence was also a huge improvement on years past. The jury is still out on Dunley I feel.
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Journey Man
Agree about Dunley. He did a couple of reasonable runs but also gave away two very silly penalties in front of the posts.

I thought blue arsed played to his usual standard - averaging at least one brain explosion per game.

But overall the forwards were bloody impressive for mine.


Winging it
Never worried for a moment 8o) *phew!*

I thought that Hecks was more impressive than Princess. In a scrappy performance we matched them in the engine room and probably just stuck our noses in front.

I also want to give a big wrap to Hoppa for behaving himself for the entire game. Although not tested he made all the right options when he had to, no errors and topped the metres gained.

This week will be a very happy one.


King did nothing spectacular but he was very very solid. Hes massive and intimidating.

Mata.. im suprised you gave Monas the 2. I thought he had a mixed game. Too many errors which i guess is expected from a new halves combo. His defence was awesome though.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Lol I sat with a lovely bar girl at the cremorne hotel and watched the game. Good to see some more manly supporters in the area.
To be honest I found it hard to concentrate on the game with this blue eyed stunner sitting next to me :D

Blue arse makes that smae mistake often, he tries to milk a penalty when it isnt needed.
I would have preffered the last try wasnt scored by the warriors, manly forced that pass on the break and it fell apart. If they had taken the tacle they may have gotten a penalty as the warriors would have held them back. otherwise donald was set to run down the sideline. However they forced the quick play and it turned posession. For and against are vital this year and it would have been better comng out of it at 26 - 14 but they still played well.

Tezza was fantastic and his agro and srays obviously had the other team angry and out of their heads with frustration.
Monas had a good game and was in a lot.

Hard to go past tezza as man of the match followed by moans and witt.

Minogue is usually my favourite player but he tried to put the big hits on too often rather than actually playing a smart defense.

However with all said and done, it is great to say that the defense was nothing short of fantastic.

Go you Eagles. and thanks bridgette for the comapny :D


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I dont remember saying that?

She was rather upse that she had to work next week and couldnt go to the game.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
i thought monas by his standard had a poor game in attack however defensively he was perfect always on the spot its been along time since we had a half back that could tackle like he does


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
After he went down from that kick where price knocked him over, 2 tackles later he was there getting involved to stop a barnstormer. I was very impressed


Winging it
It is my world i have 2 topics

1 - How manly are going
2 - How manly are going to go (this is my off season topic)

other than that i have nothing to talk about
the fact they dont involve football and Manly [/quote]


UFO Hunter
Defense was great. I've watched the game twice on DVD. What I notice is a lot of organisation in defence that wasn't present last season. They form the line and they move the line evenly. No gaps, no-one charging up (except leului but I think its a tactic because theirs always someone their to take his defensive spot). The only dissapointment was a few penalties from Dunnley and Hills Reports. I thought Monas had a great game. The difference in him appearing to be less involved is that he is. Witt and Monas share a lot of the play and neither stand out to any extreem degree. But IMO thats what you want, halves that work together so seemlessly. What a game, I don't thinK i can wait another 7 days for the next one. B)


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Oh theres talking about women and thees talking to women.

Clear difference. Think i might sneak up there again after the football next week:D


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Its all about the FBB mate.

Footy, bitches and Beer :D


However i do have to say she made the football much more enjoying than watching it by my self and she was most definately a stunner


Journey Man
Sure Monas made some mistakes (especially the Mullane like passes to Donald) but he set up at least two of the tries and organised the side well. I'd rather he make mistakes because he's trying things than be flawless but play like an automaton.

I thought King was worst on field for us. He just didn't seem to have much impact. Hecks was ahead of him by a country mile (but you'd expect that from me).

It's nice to not have to get sad drunk on a Sunday night.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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Mate all in the comprehension.

FBB mate FBB
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