Very average

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Kiwi Eagle

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Pretty ordinary effort today, but at least we came away with the 2 pts.
Watmough,Lyon and Orford the obvious standouts.
A lot will be made of how bad we were, and that we are not contenders based on that game, that could work out nicely and we can fly under the radar again.

Am sure that game will ignite the Lyon to centre debate again, and if Matai continues to be struggle with his neck then it may be the way to go. If Matai is fit though i would still put Lyon at 5/8 and Menzies back to the forwards.
I think the game showed that when King is fit again Bryant has to be the one that drops out. He just isn't producing anything.

Cummins was cuming in their pocket all day along with the rest of the officials. His play of the balls were so bloody slow and that played into their hands.

The commentary was a Broncos wankfest, was like the whole day was set up for them. At 1 point you would have thought it was a 30pt lead to Brisbane. Ikin needs a bullet.

Wonder if Bennett will have anything to say about Hodges staying down trying to get a penalty.
I agree with all you have said KE, 2points is 2 points so lets just look forward to next week.

I follow your lines of thought that Lyon should be the 5/8, but boy he looks so much better in the centres. I think Menzies is far more effective in the forwards. I guess the question is if Matai doesn't play for the remainder of the season who plays 5/8,assuming Lyons good form at centre keeps him there??

There seems to be a reluctance to move monas to 5/8, to accomodate Ballin at 9. Does Des go with Beaver in the centres? I sure as hell don't want to see Beaver at 6 leading into the finals.!!
I thought the effort was good, not ordinary. The defensive effort in the first half set the scene for the victory. Sure we dropped a lot of ball and invited them to score, but the fact that they didn't says a lot for the defensive structure that Des has instilled in the team. As I've posted in the past defense wins games and this trueism was illustrated today. I thought Menzies had a terrific game out wide, as did Choc, and I just hope Stevie Boy's neck injury keeps him of the paddock for a few weeks yet. Hall went well up the middle as did GS. I have to agree with KIwi about the commentary, just a pack of wankers. I thought Hodges raked Menzies eyes at one stage.
A win's a win, and I'll take them anyway we can get them against Brisbane. I thought Orford and Lyon were good. The score could have been higher as we blew a few good chances.

As for Hodges, he is the biggest f*cking cat in the game. He snotted Menzies in the first half then carried on like a pork chop when it looked like Beaver was going to stay down. Then the big tough guy pulls an academy award performance in the second half.

Why did we bother with Ballin on the bench ??
It's a good day when we agree that we were ordinary and yet it was a comfortable win. It seemed we had an accelerator that we could press and pick up the pace when it was needed. They didn't look like scoring, even when they eventually did? :lol:

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Team P W L PD Pts
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6 5 1 20 12
6 4 2 53 10
6 4 2 30 10
7 4 2 25 9
7 4 3 40 8
7 4 3 24 8
7 4 3 -8 8
7 4 3 -18 8
7 3 3 20 7
7 3 4 31 6
7 3 4 17 6
6 2 4 -31 6
7 3 4 -41 6
7 2 5 -29 4
6 1 5 -102 4
6 0 6 -90 2
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