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I hope the viper brood that is “silvertails” noticed the starring role given to Michael Monaghan at Sunday’s Grand Final – arriving in a helicopter to bring the incredibly brave Sophie Delezio to the ground.

I’ve followed this site for a while and the majority of you have done nothing but vilify this champion of a man. I thought he was an incredibly smart signing by Manly when he was plucked from Canberra in 2003. That year was ruined for him by a terrible high shot from Luke O’Donnell and Monaghan showed a lot of bravery to even get back on the field.

In 2004 he was the glue that held the side together in a difficult year where, by rights, you should have won nothing but a wooden spoon. He took over the captaincy and was a wonderful influence on some very impressionable players – both on and off the field.

He gave his all again in 2005 and virtually single-handedly dragged the side into the finals last year. While Kennedy receives the credit it was the little things that Monaghan did right that made the difference for Manly last year. The less said about the way he was treated by administration the better – Max Delmege didn’t get rich by being a fool and his intervention was timely and wise.

Orford is a lot of wasted money. Do you think it is any coincidence that the Storm have performed better without him this year, with a rookie half and a weakened roster?

Dumped from his favoured position and treated dreadfully by some in the club, Monaghan knuckled down this year to become one of the best hookers in the business. All the while doing the hard yards off the field by advancing Manly’s name in the wider community and spending every spare minute helping others.

Sophie Delezio is the tip of an ice berg of good deeds.

Frankly, you call yourselves Manly “supporters” but those who have trashed Monaghan, week in and week out (and I realise this is not ALL of you) should be ashamed.


Daniel, you really ought to get yourself some more site moderators so you don't have this kind of juvenile nonsense happening.

This site realy has gone to pot if this is the sort of revisionist vomit that is going to be posted here.


What's wrong with it???

Just because some bloke admires MM.. you think it's "vomit".... whether you agree or not i'd rather read something positive about someone from out team than the continuous negative crap you so often bring up


Journey Man
This twit is trying to tell us that Monaghan turned the side around, overshadowing BK.

Yeah, and George W Bush is a genius.


Perhaps that's how he can see it through his eyes... i don't agree and obviously you don't aswell... but who's to say that he can't post hear just because he's dillusional.. there's plenty of others here who are too!


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Its a nice touch to see a footballer participating in charity and community work and for that I take my hat of to him and every other person who does a similar thing through their work or through volunteering with organisations.

I won't draw any arrows at a man I don't know but as for his football, michael has proven me completley wrong this season. I was one who didn't want him around for this year. But I will swallow my pride in judgment and say he has over achieved for us this season. I thought he would be good in hooker but I didn't think he would be as safe and reliable.

His defence if first class, his dummy runs may not be flash but that kicking out of the play the ball is second to none in the NRL. His service is good and I don't think we look like the same structured team when he is replaced with dunley.

Kudos to his effort in 2006 imo.


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Monas, nfortunately is an overpriced ordinary club player who plays without any consistency. His 'long kicking game' went west after round 9 and to suggest he's better value than dunley is stating what?

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