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We were on a hiding to nothing really. A side written off but sure to be enthusiastic. A lot of pressure with the 21 year hoodoo. Our own side disrupted with injury and illness. And clearly the boys were only 80% there mentally.

Closed it out in the last 10 when we had to.

Full credit to Monaghan who has been robbed of MOTM 2 weeks in a row. He got us home. Ballin MUST be slected ahead of Burns in future.

Not much elase to say really.

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Spot on Mata, it was a tough 2 pts that we ground out and showed some good qualities, a few things were shown up, but we can work on them with the 2 points in the bank.


Lyon was awful. Watmough must have a bung shoulder as well cause i reckon he missed about 10 tackles.

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If Burns was dummy half would he have gone to a stacked left, instead of going to the right where we had a 20 man overlap ?


i dont think lyon or choc where anywhere near fit tonight.

as Mata said they had nothing to lose and played as such.

they would have beated many sides tonight, we had little luck, wont ever see a penalty like that in our lifetime from the kick off lol


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I think this game will quieten the Orford knockers on this site.His kicking game and organising skills were sorely missed tonight.


I dont think so. We attacked well at times. We lacked intensity and enthusiasm. Defence was **** too.

Monas had a good game as usual. Lyon is still ****.. Watmough should be rested.. he gets injured almost every week and we need him to be 100% for the finals. Give Cuthbo more minutes than Watmough if he must be in the 17.

Ballin had a sharp game except for that 1 forward pass but they all make mistakes..

how good is G Stewart STILL going.. hes on fire.


Yeah, I don't think we missed Ox. The worst performers tonight were the outside backs. They've been strong all year & decided to play crap on a night where we won anyway.
Good on the lads. They weren't ever going to win any fans but did what they had to.
All vision to next week where glory awaits the victor.


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Good summation Mata.

Did anyone here realise Matai could kick goals?

Does anyone know why Mr 500k isn't?


Matai's kicks didn't look the flashest but did the job nontheless! I wonder why Williamson or Hicks weren't chosen in front of Stevie Boy? Pretty rare to have the top 3 kickers out on 1 night - Lyon, Orford & Burns.....
The Sharks had a team of absolute Nevilles out there. They were missing, Kimmorley, Dykes, Bird, Gallen, Thompson and Ross. There's no way we should have even gone close to losing on Sat. If we weren't gonna break the hoodoo then, we were never gonna.

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Dont get blinded by the fact the 'stars' were out

What that meant was that they turned out a side full of enthusiam, commitment, minus the superstar attitude, and played their best game for about 2 months

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You are on a hiding to nothing playing a weakened side. You win - it was expected. You lose or they come close and you haven't been up to standard. In a 26 week comp it is impossible to be up every week.

Best way to judge is how we go against the Top sides. So far we have passed all the tests.

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