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Two twits entwined

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Confirming his status as the funny guy who’s always a bit behind the times, Fatty Vautin will launch the Footy Show using a gag that’s been done to death.

    After a poor ratings end to The Footy Show, rumours were rife that the Fat Man’s brand of humour was becoming tired enough to be retired by the network.

    But he’s managed to convince those top notch execs at Nine that his near dumping is fodder to relaunch the Footy Show. Billed as “the guy on TV who just won’t go away” Fatty has worked his comedic magic to come out dressed as Corey Delaney-Worthington. And he’s only the seven millionth person to pull the stunt - two months after the event.

    Not that Fatty totally got the Corey-look right. The wardrobe department gave him the “famous” yellow sunnies and fur-lined hoodie, but Fatty didn’t have the guts to pull off the most important aspect of Corey’s sartorial abomination – being shirtless. For that, we thank the former Kangaroo.

    Fatty follows in the footsteps of radio guy Rosso, Sydney drag act Shane Jenek, and soccer bad boy Danny Vukovic to pull the same stunt. Lucky for us it gets funnier every time.

    But while the Footy Show had run its course in the old format, a new format could be in the wings.

    They’ve enlisted Laurie Daley, a man known to be as serious as an ICU ward. It’s a sign that the new show could possibly be striving for more credibility as viewers grew tired of watching a second rate prank show.

    While Laurie is a wealth of knowledge on the game of football, just don’t start a shot game for every time he says “football”. He can’t say a sentence without using it. ‘Great use of the football.’ ‘A good game of football.’ ‘Can we have some football tonight.’ ‘My nose looks like a waterlogged football.’

    You’ll be smashed in five minutes.

    The $500,000 a year Fat Man and his cohorts Matthew Johns, Paul ``The Chief’’ Harragon and Daley return on March 13.

    CONFIRMING his status as the funny guy who's always a bit behind the times, Fatty Vautin will launch the Footy Show using a gag that's been done to death. What do you think the Footy Show needs? Join the blog here

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