Tri-Nations Final Spoiler

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Rampant Kiwis overcome Australia
New Zealand have defeated Australia 24-0 in the Gillette Tri-Nations Final at Elland Road.

How long since Australia have been held scoreless???


Reserve Grader

how good it feels to be a kiwi!!!!

27 years since aussie lost a series, 20 years since they were kept scoreless in a test.

not been a good year for the aussies, no rugby glory, the ashes lost, league lost, netball thrashing, only the socceroos have had any glory.

oh well full credit to the aussies for their efforts...... yeah right!!!!
:yeah: :yeah: :dance: :dance: :clap: :clap: :lol: :lol:


As good a coach as Bennett has been it is time for him to retire. He can't get the broncos to win i the semis and now he has stuffed the Aussie team up. Goodby Bennett.


Journey Man
That could signal a decade of kiwi dominance given they've beaten the Australian side without the services of SBW, Marshall, Halatau etc.

At least the Aussies are now rid of the "haven't lost a series in 27 years" monkey. Can it please be noted that whilst Gen X held sway the Aussies dominated the world in just about everything.

Aren't this Gen Y mob proving to be a sad dissapointment?


First Grader
well done the Kiwis. we got beaten by a better side, simple.

I dont believe Bennett is to blame, who should have he picked that would have made a difference? imo no one that was available would have had any bearing on the end result if they had been included.

the coach of the other rugby code, thats a different story :twisted:


Journey Man
We had a 12 hour black out after a very violent storm last night so I missed the game.

Did BK escape uninjured?


First Grader
he is fine. made a few errors but only because he was trying so hard to make something happen.
I hold Bennett totally accountable for this loss. His team selections were terrible. How could you have Gower and Petro playing ahead of Prince and Skando (who wasn't even in the squad). The former two didn't have good years, while the latter two were outstanding. And did you see Bennett at the Press Conference? He looked totally disinterested. He said it was "going to happen one day". That's loser talk. Sack him.


First Grader
Bennet will have to go. Did he go the same coaching school as Eddie Jones.

I guess they both passed the "not my fault" module in flying colours!

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
That could signal a decade of kiwi dominance given they've beaten the Australian side without the services of SBW, Marshall, Halatau etc.

In fairness Australia played with a second rate half pairing.

Forwards are old. They would probably be better served playing in the Wallaby pack.

Australia looked tired. I only saw the second half and i think BK dropped 3.

Reinvention is on the cards i think.


Reserve Grader
OK OK ...... I wasn't going to say anything until I saw Byso baiting me. :clap: :clap: :drunk: :drunk: :yeah: Go you bloody Kiwi's!!!!

I can say that now ..... I actually had my money on the Aussies :blush:
Time to go ...... Mr Bennett - take Mr Jones and Mr Gregan with you! (Sorry didn't mean to mention the union as well :naughty: )


First Grader
Good onya KG you should be happy.

I think you'll find many Aussies aren't to disappointed.

I guess thats what happens..........when you're good at EVERYTHING :)


Reserve Grader
Tbh the only result I wanted was an un-injured BK..

A Kiwi result is much better imo, it will provide a much needed spark in both the management and playing roster of the ARL. Not to mention the newly found competitveness of at least 1 more nation.

Players picked on past form and representitive experience must be a thing of the past.

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