Trbojevic brothers

The Penn's clearly have a plan for Manly and are in it for the long haul.
That plan does not involve winning a premiership.
Boys, if you listen to any good advice it would be to leave Manly for a top 4 club and win a premiership. It's every players goal to win one and it's every champion players biggest regret in life when they don't.
Not one decent Manly fan would stand in your way.
Don't waste your potential.
Once you have won, come back and try your best to help us out.
You don't want to end up like this fat joke.
Was a champion player and look at him now
Je dors très bien, pervers
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Seriously, people carry on about the Penns not wanting the best for the club and yet we have supporters wanting our best players to leave. Then we have others wanting the club to fold - yeah, that’ll show ‘em!
I dont agree not many who leave the
Nest fly high for long if at all

I wouldnt be believing what the hacks are writing re who wants this coach and so on
Sure they can have input but really the coach thats chosen sb the best one to take the team as it is and move it in a foward direction its not rocket surgery
So for me where that team sits now and given 2018 it has to be someone senior like McGuire Hasler or Toovey maybe even Henry All are experienced and all bar Henry are premiership winners
They know what it takes , we have a young team with Zero discipline and thats why in my mind McGuire if he would come or Hasler /Toovey are no brainers
If u had one if them it may cost a little more but if u imprive our position u improve the clubs value and the players profile and isnt that what you want as a player and importantly as an owner.....increased value as a player and owner
You know im right Mr Penn
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I like everyone love Toovey his passion and what he did for our club for so many years.. Champion !!

When he became coach he inherited a powerhouse Team and as a result did very well in difficult circumstances.

In our current situation I'm not sure if he would be the right person to bring us out of the lowest pit in decades BUT it would be awesome to have him involved in some capacity again.

Maybe he could show the boys how to tackle and become our defensive coach.

We need more MANLY men involved in our club.
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I love the Penn conspiracy theories. Why are they spending millions on Manly but not wanting them to be successful?
They want the club to be successful but don't have a clue on how to achieve it

Money is not the sole reason teams win a premiership
I respect these guys, and would hate for them to waste away there careers in a bottom 4 club.
With success behind him Jake could be the first immortal forward of the modern era.
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I think Jake should become Captain-Coach.
Get back to the old days, and save the Penns some more money.

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