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Journey Man
Ok guys - today is the day NAB Dee Why take on all the westies in our bank touch footy comp.

As 1/2 back of the beaches team, I will take it on my shoulders to steer the team around the park. No stop, swivel, dummy, swivel, prop, swivel, stop then pass. Just straight passing onto people moving forward.

See ya'll tomorrow.



ryan schedule your game for 230 sunday at brookie, wear manly jerseys. might be our only hope!


Journey Man
Forget that !!! Behind those forwards? Against Webke etc. What a daunting thought!


First Grader
hope you win mate. it might be the only footy victory you get to enjoy again this season ;)

if you lose will you break anything or maybe even cry? :D


Journey Man
Update - My footballing success stories of this year continue to be negative. We were knocked out in the second round. That doesn't mean we won our 1st match either !!!
Mind you, it wasn't blowout scores...just 1-0 & 2-1. I single handedly created the try we scored. I ended up playing dummy 1/2 most of the time!!! I started at 1/2 back, but no one had the energy nor effort to be @ dummy 1/2. It's Monnas personified!!!

BUT - I accepted the move to dummy 1/2, and enjoyed it.

I was able to be creative still, and realistically, was able to steer the team around the park better. The dummy 1/2 determines where the ball goes.

I think you are all getting what I am trying to say here.

Monnas - go to Hooker.


Journey Man
Ryan, you didn't spit the dummy when moved there?

Or give long winded interviews to the Manly Daily about the injustice of it all?


First Grader
Did you blast the team for poor defence Ryan? :)

Bad luck mate, i'm sure there were many drinks to be had :)


Journey Man
Yes - my friends, there were MANY drinks afterwards to my wifes dismay. Free...on the institution!!

Mata - No, I just shut the hell up, accepted, and realised that I enjoyed it.

Being the very, VERY competative person I am (short man syndrome), I fired up at the team on numerous occassions, and was repetatively told it was a game, to which I replied, "no, it's war".

We even had a cheer squad of girls !!!

I guess we were the team everyone felt sorry for...LoL.


Journey Man
That's generally the case when a team is forced to play a gnome at dummy half.

All those passes lollying up from knee height. Must be hard to catch on the run......


First Grader
Hope the grass wasn't too long, hope you wore a hat if it was.....................don't wanna get sun burnt :)

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