top 5 most over rated players

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Reserve Grader
here are my top 5 most over rated players for season 2005
in 5th spot trent "im injured again" barrett
4th spot belongs to every eagles fan most loved player Brett kimmorley
3rd spot belongs to bondi junctions brett "i need brad fitler to make me look good" finch
coming in at number 2 is good old darren lockyer
the coveted number 1 spot belongs to cronulla scum's david "frequent fag" peachey.


First Grader
Brett Finch is the most over rated as far as i'm concerned.

I think Barret performed well this year. He did play about 15 games, quite good for him :)


1. Jason King
2. Michael moanaghan
3. Michael Witt
4. Kane Cleal
5. Brett Finch


UFO Hunter
I think tookey and andrew are on the right track.

1 and 2 are King and Moanagain.

The rest can stay over-rated, as long as they don't play for my club.


Reserve Grader
That's my exact opinion Flip.Kane Cleal isn't good enough to be overrated in my opinion.He is and will always be a lower grade player.


Reserve Grader
How can you say Kane is over rated, when he is not even experienced enough yet to be rated? Does that mean some of you rated him in the first place? I think not!! You are right though, he didn't have a good season and he will be the first to tell you that. It's a good feeling isn't it - to be perfect at everything we do!


Can't go past Lockyer for mine.
In the absense of Joey they call him the best player in the world. I'd have him as an adequate 5/8 and a fullback that always gave me confidence (as a NSW supporter).
Special mention to Matt Orford. I'd rate him as a very good half back but the general over rating tends to have him as the creator of life and spiritual guide throughout the ages.


First Grader
I get you're point but these sites give comment to players abilities. If a player isn't cutting it then as football supporters we are free to say so.

If he doesn't like it, he can put his head down and use it as fuel to improve. Can't be expected to applaud ordinary performances.


Reserve Grader
Hi Byso - yes I totally agree, but as supporters a bit of 'support' wouldn't go astray. It just seems to be the comments are always negative - more so in Kane's case than anyone's. And while he isn't playing well, I do expect people to criticise, and that's fine, but to throw his name up in every topic is going a bit over the top. From reading the first post in this topic, I got the impression the poster was talking about first grade players from all clubs. I wouldn't have put Kane in that category. Oh and one more thing ... I don't intend to jump on everyone that says negatives about him because in some cases they are warranted. I just felt in this case it wasn't - thats all. :)


UFO Hunter
Lets go back to square 1 people.


Its just discussion.


First Grader
Fair enough Kiwigirl.

We did have a favourite player thread as well. So not all our comments are negative.

Kiwigirl. What do you think of Dessie as a coach?


Reserve Grader
Flip - yes there are some players that do read these forums and there are a couple of them that actually post (at least I know there are a couple of premier league players that do).

Byso - please dont ask me that on a public forum. I do have an opinion, but it wouldn't be right for me to express it here. Best not to say anything :)


Why I put him in my list was because i don't consider that he was ready to play 1st grade this year and should not have been picked.

He was not physically or mentally mature enough to handle 1st grade. Sure he has talent but he needs time to develop and get a lot fitter and mature more before he gets to 1st grade. Remeber that Crusher learnt his trade in the bush for years before he came to Sydney and played 1st grade.

Kane also needs to serve his apprenticeship in the lower grades before proving that he is 1st grade standard. Unfortunately because of man'y's lack of depth then some players are put into 1st grade before they are ready.

Most other clubs have props of similar ability but they have spent the whole year in premier league learning the trade properly. Props usually are at their best in their mid 20's.

I also hope he comes out next year and has a really great year and plays lots of 1st grade and shows us the same ability that his father did for manly. Time will tell.

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