Top 3 Manly players so far 2023 ?

DCE- playing a Captains knock to remember


Paseka - Has been fantastic, and can only get better

Ola - in a bit of a slump at the moment, I was hoping he could spend some time around Origin as it'd only make him better, but yeah.. the slump. OK, not sure it's a slump, but he's certainly being more contained by oppositions in the past month
Paseka and Bullemor easily 1 and 2 for mine. In a forward pack that has been inconsistent and dealt with numerous injuries all year these two have stepped up week after week and are regularly laying a great platform. If someone like Pangai is playing for NSW then Paseka should’ve been in that conversation too.

Tough to pick a third, would probably be Jurbo if not for recent injuries. Haumole’s form has tailed off a bit recently, can’t say DCE as he is our main playmaker and our attack without Schuster has looked terrible, Garrick has been consistently solid but that left side has leaked a lot of points. Turbo with his last game and even the performances at 50% beforehand would probably still have him as third pick.
I'm going to be boring
Paseka and Bully have really stepped up but haven't gotten above these 3 yet.

If Schuster can stay on the park he will push into the top 3 easily, could even push for number 1.
Finally.. Paseka's having his break out season, it's been long overdue.
DCE.. at 34 is really showing the way and having a stellar season.
Ola.. he's a potential match winner every game he plays.
I have DCE in absolutely great form and unlike other seasons when we are down, he is still digging deep, much respect to him and is simply playing super footy and been best by a margin.

Second choice a bit of a suprise, but big Paseka has finally been playing to his size and already played more Big games mid season than usually pays in a season.....brewing into a special type of monster who can and has changed momentum in games.

Big Okalatu has had some crazy good games but lacked consistency, costing him a Blue jersey, but still made some crunching tackles and powerful runs....lets see more !!

Admirable mention to Croker, Garrik and I think Bullemore has a way to go, but shown enough he could be a quality player moving forward....Tom and Jake have missed a few but we all know the importance
I agree with you


Paseka has really impressed with his second stints. Really gets the team on the front foot
DCE has had his best start I think.
Paseka will keep getting better
Shoe's and Turbo's performance in one game have torpedoe them to equal top 3.

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