To Tom, Best Wishes and a Speedy Recovery.


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Champions like Eagles Always Rise above Adversity
Turbo Has Risen before and he will Rise and soar once more
like the Great Maroon Eagle that he is

Tom Trbojevic Manly Sea Eagles Signed & Framed ‘TURBO’ Full Size Wings ...


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A message to all that do not understand the Manly Maroon Eagles spirit

The Eagles have no fear of Adversity
We need to be like Eagles and have a fearless Spirit of a conqueror
Joyce Myer

Mark from Brisbane

“ Boomer still Booming”
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The thing that people forget is a player doesn’t go out with the intention of getting a season injury.

Yeah Tommy is a bit of a tissue , and that in itself is an issue for us , but he’d be just as frustrated as we are.
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Shout out to his parents too. As a father it'd kill me to see my daughter in a situation like that. Just because Tommy's an adult doesn't mean his mum and dad don't think of him as their boy. Hope the whole family is getting behind him and supporting him. Being the great people they are, I'm sure that's happening. Get well soon!!


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Speedy recovery mate. I am absolutely devastated for you and that injury could have happened to any player, so it is not your fault. Take the time to recover and get your self right (physically and mentally) mate and come back stronger.


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100% agree @bob dylan But in the interests of efficiency you might consider making this thread a sticky at the top :cool: I think we are all completely shattered by the fact that this has happened. Let's just hope that the injury isn't as bad as it looked last night. We need Turbo back as soon as he is properly recovered. Good luck and best wishes Tom.
His mental health might be starting to suffer , if it wasn’t already.

I hope he’s getting , it will get , some help on this front.
Im starting to think whether walking away from the game now might do him a lot more good.
He will be under immense measure perform and not get injured, next time he's back. For his sake, I think now might be a good time for him to walk away. He's had a good run.


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All the best champ.

Can't wait to see you back in the maroon and white.

Go Manly

(Please post any negative comments in another thread, I don't want to read them, I will activate the ignore function).
Thank you. I haven't even looked at any of the plethora of other threads about his injury, and I won't.
This on the other hand is a very classy post!
Go Manly

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