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Guys - If you recall I said to you all 14 weeks ago, when we were rtunning pretty smoothly, that we'd win only 3 more games this year. I remember your rolls of the eyes etc. Can you answer me an honest question, and I guess this will tell me the level of dissapointment in ratio to expectation you guys had at the time - how many games (14 games ago) did YOU think we would manage?

Admitedly, we have won FOUR since.


First Grader
I knew we had overachieved in the early part of the season and could not keep it up. I did believe people who would say our bubble would burst, just hoping and praying it wouldnt.

However I probably expected to win a couple more than we have since then.


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Ffs Ryan, if you KNEW this would happen, why did you get so god damn angry every time we lost? Every thread of yours was like Auschwitz, you'd think that your bit of clairvoyance would have calmed you down a bit.


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At the start of the year I had hoped that we would finish at the bottom end of the top 8. We are still on track to do that, just not in the manner that I thought we would have.


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thats a good point pete, i thought we would be a 6-8 team but its more the disgraceful performances that are breaking me.


Journey Man
c_eagle - relax dude. Like Corso & Las Vegas has said, it's the WAY we've gotten to the point we are at. I'd rather every second game we won as upposed to 8 from 9 losses.
I'd at least have hope then.


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Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

4 of the most annoying words in the English language are "I told you so"

Chip and Chase

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I felt at the start of the year (before season kick off) that we would be on the cusp of the 8, given that we finished last year OK and we had improved our squad with the purchases we made. I thought we would be battling out for 7th or 8th spot with the likes of Cronulla, Parra, Wests, Raiders and Newcastle. I didn't think for one minute that Easts, Bulldogs and Penrith would be missing the semis, nor did I think Parra and Wests would be top 4 contenders.

However after our good start to the season I thought we might firm in the betting to secure a spot in the 8. I did have a nagging feeling that our ladder position may not have reflected our true ability (or our premiership credentials), but we managed to hang in there in the first half of the season to record some "bonus" wins.

We are currently sitting in a position on the ladder that reflects (IMO) our rank in the pecking order. Unfortunately the manner in which we have arrived at 8th spot has been disappointing to say the least. I didn't think that we would go through a extended period of losses like we have. We have basically thrown away a better than expected start, to now rank as probably the worst performing team in the comp. Losses I can cop, but the thing that annoys me the most about the last 2 months is that there seems to be no desire from Des to shake things up with his team selection. We have 3 or 4 humpback whales (protected species) in that team and no matter what they do they keep getting picked. I'd rather we lost through giving oppotunities to younger guys who diplay some enthusiasm and commitment, than losing because of underperforming, out of form passengers. Des just seems to be clinging to the hope that we will scrape into the 8 by playing safe and sticking with the devil he knows. It's at the stage now where it is almost too late to change things with only two rounds left, the time for kicks up the arse was 3 or 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately the bye probably came at the wrong time in this respect, as it broke up the run of losses and any thoughts of radical changes lost momentum.

I just want to see a turn around in our ability to contest a game. If we lose through lack of ability than that's football, but losing through lack of commitment and lack of preparedness to chance our arm is hard to swallow.

As for your call Ryan, I'm glad you reminded us of your Nostradamus like abilities. Who knows, Monas may yet play SOO.

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The games against Penrith and the Cowboys were the most disappointing as we should have won both. The Newcastle game was also there for the taking as was the game against the Dogs at Brookie. Win any two of those games and we are still in the fight for the Top 4 and a totally different season.

Thrashings by the Tigers, Souths and now Sharks have been a big embarrassment.


UFO Hunter
I expected 9 - 8th. It looks like being my wish. The problem was halfway through the season I expected top 4. I can't say 8th or 9th is acceptable anymore, not after being top 4 for 3/4 of the season.

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