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At the end of May last year we were stone-cold-motherless last and staring the spoon squarely in the face. What a difference a year makes!!!! The addition of Kite, Kennedy and Witt to last year's team, with improvement from Watmough and Dunley in particular, a return to form from Beaver, much more steel in defence, a good finish to the year and greater confidence has all added to a much better year so far.

I have to say that our performance has exceeded all my expectations with the promise of more. To be around the top with almost half the season gone is sensational and a great credit to Des and the boys!!
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Totally agree I thought we could scrap into the 8 this year but it looks as though we will be Top 6 at least, with a great chance at Top 4 and home semi at the Fortress.

PS Don't forget Tezza he has provided a great defensive attitude out wide.
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A home semi at Brooky would be a first, the last time we made the semis all the games were played at Aussie Studium aka the SFS
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Not quite true M4E. Last time we played in the semis (98) was the infamous Craig Field game down at Canberra where they belted us and we were knocked out of the semis in first weekend of playoffs.

Right about the Brookie bit and wouldn't it be good to have a Fortress Final!!!!
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The turn-around is stunning. The bookies still don't think we can go all the way but have turned the knob to bring the divie in to $13. We are still on the nineth line of betting behind Broncos, Dragons, Chooks, Cowboys, Doggies, Eels, Storm and Sharks. Manly shows grit and anything is possible.
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Anything is possible - we have to be beaten this season, we just dont lie down and give games away.

we still look good after a hard run of away games and a few injuries. We are certainly a chance at top 4 and a home semi

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