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First Grader
Uni rocked by marking fiasco
From: By Tess Livingstone
February 21, 2006

A UNIVERSITY graduate student abandoned the institution in frustration after a marking fiasco during which a lecturer told him to produce "more smarter writing".

Former Queensland University of Technology Master of Business Marketing student Rohan Duggan, 38, said his nine-month ordeal included seven meetings and hundreds of pages of correspondence, some farcical.

The original marking of a 2000-word paper included a comment from lecturer Edwina Luck advising Mr Duggan to present "more smarter writing".

After Ms Luck graded the paper at 65 per cent, Mr Duggan questioned the grade and Ms Luck passed it to another staffer, Dr Yunus Ali, who downgraded it to 35 per cent.

In re-marking, Dr Ali questioned the use of the terms "Yin" and "Yang", a Chinese concept of balance, and said they should have been listed as references in the bibliography (a list of the books used as reference material).

Yesterday, Dr Ali admitted he had "no idea" what the terms meant and thought they were references to people's names.

"We don't go into the deeper meaning," he said.

In response to further queries, Ms Luck sent Mr Duggan a short e-mail which, because her "s" key was not functioning, read as: "I knew you would be di appointed, o what I have done i taken the middle ground. I am uppo ed to take the econd mark, but I did not want to kill you that much. I do hope that you have learned from thi . Not the point of a king for explanation, but that we a lecturer are not totally illy!! Academic writing i difficult. I hope all our comment can be helpful in the future. Edwina."

Mr Duggan then took his complaint to higher authorities and his original mark was restored.

Mr Duggan said the restored mark helped him achieve a distinction in the subject, although when he learned that Dr Ali would have been teaching him in second year he decided to go elsewhere and has now completed a Master of Marketing Managing degree at Griffith University.

QUT registrar Dr Carol Dickenson and Business Dean Professor Peter Little said that both Ms Luck and Dr Ali had been reprimanded and made to attend a seminar on Learning and Teaching Issues.

They agreed their conduct was "obviously unacceptable".

Professor Little said if due process had been applied, Ms Luck would have given the assignment to her (Luck's) head of department who would have selected a staff member himself to do the re-marking.

He insisted Dr Ali was "very well qualified academically".


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I know. Why wouldn't you just not send it or get a better keyboard?

"more smarter writing"

When your lecturer uses english as such you might as well pack it in right away


First Grader
"More smarter writing", that is just absolute gold.

Dr Ali thought Yin and Yang were references to peoples names. I am in tears of laughter here, that is just hilarious.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
he then had never heard of it as a meaning and said "We dont go into the deeper meaning of the essay.

In other words you could have written absolute BS and tosh that had naught to do with the subject as long as you didnt use any buzzwords, jargon or catch phrases. Do they not realise half the IT business is written in buzzwords, jargon and metaphores?


Journey Man
its all about writing what the lecturer wants to hear, not what is right.

I had a lengthy meeting teaching a lecturer how brakes on a car can only work as designed whilst the wheels are not sliding (ie getting full friction resistance) as he had marked me down for not pulling a random number out of my arse like everyone else. I then topped the assignment


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
well done fluffy, way to blow that trumpet


that's a ripper...I had some crazy lecturers at uni and sometimes you have to wonder who they had sex with to get the job.
I had a tutor at Canberra Uni who was turning up to our tutes smacked off his head (as in would shoot up heroin b4 turning up).
He used to turn up in the dark glasses and hat and just sit there hammered (literally) we orginally thought he was just stoned but upon being forced to dob him in we found out he was shooting up smack.....


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
everyone finds uni lectures boring imagine being a lecturer all day every day!


the stereotypical one in my eyes would be just like the one in Ferris Buellers Day Off......"Fry.......Fry........has anybody seen Fry"......

Canteen Worker

First Grader
The loonies at uni
February 22, 2006

University is full of loveable characters. Alan Mascarenhas reveals who you'll meet at Orientation Week.


Convinced they're right - in reality, they're just up themselves. Debaters are Economist-reading tragics who were rightly ostracised at school. Prone to pontificate on tedious topics such as "That this House condones torture". Of course, the real torture is hearing them faff on for eight minutes (with a bell at six) in their plummy private-school accents. Relish swaying to their feet and pompously tipping their heads to propose a "point of information".


Experts on bar codes and the Dewey decimal classification system, these bookworms spend all day ferreting in cubicles and peeping through gaps in shelves. Too nervous to hang out in the cafeteria, they stalk potential love-interests in stairwells or creep up from behind while they're sitting at computers. Watch out when essays are due - they'll hunt down all the relevant books and hide or camouflage the ones they can't borrow.


Flamboyant, cloying and pretentious, these folk won't give you a part unless you sleep with them: how else do you think Woody Allen got lucky? Dubiously rename their society a "collective" to counter perceptions they're cliquey and hierarchical, or else compensate by giving marginalised groups special slots. Asian actors, for example, might be allowed to improvise in the theatre on Wednesdays between 1 and 2pm, while the disabled hold court on weekends. Straight actors? No room for them.


Scribble furiously in the front row as if it'll make up for decades of lost time. Strongly disapprove of everyone else: young people may have been to school but the mature-ager has come from the school of hard knocks. Will regale tutorials with repeated assertions of their "life experience". This is the sign for everyone to talk loudly. Best pitied or ignored: let's face it, who came to uni to befriend someone triple their age?


If only saving the world was as easy as passing resolutions at dull meetings. So activists travel to spread the word - bus trips to Jabiluka and Woomera with a detour for bongs (but not deodorant) in Nimbin - all paid for with your student fees. Back on campus, activists wear perpetually angry faces and rail about oppression. For radical feminists, the "womyn's space" is an oasis of reclaimed language - the one place on earth where words such as "slut" are empowering.


Maybe he missed out on being a prefect at school. Maybe she craves a Rhodes Scholarship or prestigious grad job. Either way, these human hurricanes hit campus with something to prove. Usually seen juggling posters and a staple gun - drained but still smiling after a night of chalking their campaign logo everywhere (mixed with paint to ensure it doesn't wash off in the rain). Plead desperately for votes in front of lecture-goers and charm (or bully) gullible first-years into wearing their T-shirts. Don't.


An exponentially scary species of student politician. Hitler had Eva Braun, Hillary has Bill, but neither comes close to matching this two-headed monster. Boyfriend and girlfriend appoint themselves to committees, manage each other's election campaigns and stage fake "break-ups" to evade conflict-of-interest rules. Attract campaign helpers and sycophants who are happy to be used and abused so long as they can bask in the reflected glory.


Jesus loves you and he's stationed these pamphlet-bearing folk outside the library to prove it. But to achieve His aims, the campus Christian often resorts to serpent-like guile - inviting you to "free barbecues" or "movie nights" which quickly turn into happy-clappy, Bible-bashing sessions where everyone babbles in tongues. Profess purity but are secretly sex-mad - that's why they're all married by 21.


Give campus a Groundhog Day feel: you keep running into the same ones year after year. Still tortured by Foucault, still fine-tuning that essay on post-modernism ... still on anti-depressants and figuring out what the hell to do with themselves. Upon graduation, these dilettantes drift into fast food or telemarketing - or even another degree. Remain a drain on taxpayers for the rest of their lives.


Boorish yobs who love their beer and ping-pong - and taking off on debauched weekend "ski" trips. The area outside the faculty building will often contain a whiff of urine and a splattering of spew - the results of last night's piss-up. Females find the going heavy unless they become "one of the boys", right down to wearing stubbies and thongs. The only place on campus where a grunt passes for good conversation.


The path of privilege is pre-ordained - from GPS boarding school to gold pass in the SCG Members' Stand. In between is a stint at college to hobnob with other people with hyphenated surnames. Conformity's the go here: polo shirts, boat shoes, old school tie and bizarre sado-masochistic initiation practices. When the music stops, where do these toffs end up? Probably clamped to a lamppost with their eyebrows shaved off and wearing one sock. Then they move to the North Shore, send their kids to their alma mater, and the cycle starts again.


A burnt-out idealist who fed his porn addiction over summer while pretending to work on "research projects". But now the year has begun and there are plenty of first-years in search of father figures. Watch the lecturer's eyes flicker, scoping potential targets. May even bring in a camera, ostensibly to "videotape everyone's tutorial presentation". The chosen one will be lavished with double entendres in class and offers of extra coaching (preferably with the door locked), until the university catches on and sends the lecturer on "sabbatical".


Fluff is the Engo!!!! :lol:

PJ is the College kid! :clap:
Yeah- I turned my back on that in my first year of college when someone from a non private school was telling me (thinking I wasn't from one) what tossers alot of us come across as.
He made a good point :blush:


Journey Man
That article is so true

and yes the engo side fits quite well.

CW - arts student sounds right.....

Mata is the student politician

Dan has to be the drama queen

and byso the sleazy lecturer

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