This Grapple Tackle Crap

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In that game last night, every second tackle had someone hanging off the ball runners head, and there was not one penalty for it.

Its the biggest load of bull**** I have ever heard about.
I agree it's absolute crap. To win the wrestle is the thing. If the ref yelled 'held' earlier then there wouldn't be the perceived problem. It's the thing to try to stay upright and look for the offload that ensures three guys in the tackle, wrestling, and trying to get the ball carrier on the deck. There's just so much of the body for three guys to hold onto. What do they expect? The game last night reminded me of the game we had against the cowgirls when we were leading up till the last half minute when some cowgirl got the ball behind their line and ran through our team to score and win the game. Have to watch that in the finals. Tough for the panthers, but the question must be asked; How come we didn't beat them?
Jack Afamasaga was cited for a grapple tackle that resembled an affectionate hug compared to more than 20 of those tackles and yet not one player has even been deemed to have a case to answer. Jack was free to play with a guilty plea but has carry over points that could come back to bite.

There is no consistency and despite all their bleating Melbourne seem to be untouchable, as the 'darlings of the News Limited NRL'. Very very sus. :wall:


THE enraged father of injured Brisbane star Greg Eastwood has launched a stunning attack on NRL powerbrokers and Melbourne Storm.

Dale Eastwood declared that it was only a matter of time until a player's neck was broken by a "grapple tackle".

He warned that the league and Storm were now treading a legal minefield for failing to provide players with an adequate duty of care and a safe working environment.

The NRL yesterday again refused to take action over the illegal technique despite multiple examples of players' necks being grabbed and twisted during a spiteful grand final rematch between Melbourne and Brisbane last Sunday.

"My son's only 20 and I don't want him in a wheelchair, that's not part of football," Dale Eastwood said. "It's going to go on and on until somebody gets his neck broken.

"That poor guy is gone for life and the guy who has done it is not going to feel too good for the rest of his life.
"Twisting someone's neck, it's intentional to hurt somebody, that's assault. They can stick their NRL laws up their bum because in the court of law it won't stand up."

Eastwood, who saw his son Greg seriously injure a knee in a tackle the Brisbane argue was a grapple by Storm pivot Greg Inglis, said he would sue if the unthinkable should happen.

"If somebody gets hurt, what's going to happen?" he said.
"I've got so many photos of Melbourne tackles and they're around the throat. How hard is it to say anything near the head, you're penalised? If it's above the chin, you're off, full stop."

Inglis was yesterday shocked at being named a grapple tackler and then being told Eastwood's injury was his knee.
"I don't know how (being) around the facial area can even do anything with the knee," Inglis said.
"One's up high and one's low down. It had nothing to do with my contact at all."

NRL match review committee co-ordinator Greg McCallum reviewed four Storm tackles and one from the Broncos, but was satisfied a penalty in each case was sufficient.

Asked about the Inglis case, McCallum said: "We looked closely at it and (Inglis) came in to finish off the tackle. There was nowhere to grab but around the top of the shoulder. He put his arm around to commence a grapple but he let go and pushed the the player (Eastwood) off.

"It was when Eastwood was pushed over that the injury happened. You couldn't blame the grapple tackle for the injury."
Inglis must be an idiot if he can't see how his tackle injured a knee.

What a bunch of morons at Melbourne.

Every single one of their players niggle in exactly the same way and grapple in exactly the same way.

Someone try and tell me that Bellamy doesn't coach it.
Wrestling coaches not to blame: NRL

NRL clubs are adamant the increasing use of wrestling coaches is not to blame for the current grapple tackle issue plaguing the league.

The NRL today added another guideline to the policing of grapple tackles after a new breed, which indirectly places pressure on a victim's neck and has become known as "crusher", was detected in the game.

Under the revised direction it is illegal for a player to use any part of his body to apply unnecessary pressure to a victim's head, neck or spinal column.

A poll of all NRL clubs by Australian Associated Press today discovered that more than half have employed the services of a specialist wrestling coach at some stage in 2007.

Bulldogs, Sharks, Raiders, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, St George Illawarra, North Queensland, South Sydney and Wests Tigers all admitted to using a wrestling coach.

Manly, Parramatta, Penrith, Sydney Roosters, New Zealand Warriors, Newcastle and Brisbane claim not to have worked with a specialist this year, although the Broncos did last year.

But the nine clubs who have utilised a wrestling specialist argue that it is not dangerous or linked to grappling, but rather about winning dominance in the ruck.

Melbourne football manager Dean Lance said wrestling is not a new emphasis in the NRL and has always been a key component to winning.

"We were emphasising a lot of wrestling and ground work back in the late 80s and early 90s," said the former Canberra premiership-winning lock.

"It's an integral part of the game. Unless you wrestle you don't win football games."

Canberra strength and conditioning coach Sean Edwards learnt techniques from Australian wrestling coach Shawn Willis earlier this year and continues to work with his players on their wrestling skills.

He says a grapple is the basic hold in wrestling, but not something league players are taught.

Edwards says wrestling helps players in the battle for dominance at the play the ball and should not be blamed for the grapple tackle.

"I do a lot of boxing with our football team and it doesn't mean you punch someone in the head every time you tackle them," said Edwards.

"The grapple tackle is like a choke hold really and it's a basic holding thing in wrestling.

"Obviously when someone has got you by the neck and choking the living daylights out of you, you submit.

"We work just as hard on the tackled player getting up as we do on the tackler keeping the player down."

Tigers coach Tim Sheens agreed that wrestling was beneficial to NRL sides but was not a way of teaching grapple tackles.

"It's just an element of something from another sport that can involve you in finishing dominant on the ground," said Sheens.

"We don't coach grapple tackle.

"You can wrestle a man with your arm around their body but as soon as you go to the neck area you risk them (referees) deeming it to be a grapple."

Tigers hooker Robbie Farah admits wrestling gone wrong though can lead to head contact which is deemed grappling.

"Every team has got their wrestling coaches these days and it's such an important area of the game to win the ruck in the middle," said Farah.

"On the field I don't think players notice that they're doing it. They're just doing anything they can to slow the play the ball down.

"I don't think it's a conscious thing players do to go around the head area, it just ends up that way.

"When contact is made with the head area it does get a bit frightening. I guess it's got to be clamped down."

North Queensland strength and conditioning coach Glen Murphy says their wrestling expert is warned to steer clear of grapple techniques and work more towards "dancing".

"It's more just about working people on the ground," said Murphy.

"It's something we call dancing with them. Controlling the ball while they are standing up and wrapping up the ball."

But, those clubs who don't employ a specialist all believe that correct defensive technique should be enough to win the play the ball.

As one club said: "It's a game of football, not a wrestling match."
Clubs all using wrestling coaches but not to blame for grapple.

Sure!!!! :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie:
Clubs using wrestling coaches


Bulldogs - Only in the preseason.
Canberra - Regularly in preseason. Own weekly sessions in season.
Cronulla - Only in preseason.
Gold Coast - Regularly in preseason and when required in regular season.
Melbourne - Regularly in preseason and when required in regular season.
North Queensland - Fortnightly sessions.
St George Illawarra - Regularly in preseason and when required in regular season.
South Sydney - Throughout the season.
Wests Tigers - Mainly in the preseason.


Brisbane - Previously but not this year.
Sydney Roosters
New Zealand Warriors,...-23214,00.html


We could do well to employ a punting coach to assist the OX to gain metres with sideline kicks.

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