their are a lot of guys on some real good drugs-can i have some.

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do you blokes really think we can win!

ours is a team in dissarray with no confidence and are currently the worst team in the comp.we have shown zero committment to the cause when it mattered and have zero points in us.we are playing a side we never beat at home and who rarely lie down which given their injury run is unbelieveable.they are well coached and will be playing in greasy wet conditions.they have no pressure while we have everything to lose.their is no heart in this football side outside a few key individuals who turn up every week.that is the reality.

we have a very ordinary team.the only thing we can do is hope that some of these "players" realise that they are pulling the FAMOUS MANLY JERSEY on and have a ****ing GO.that is the only hope-a bit of ****ing PRIDE!!!



First Grader
I basically agree. They are "well coached" and not all our players are playing with pride.

Our footwork is atrocious, how often do our players slip over compared to other sides?............night games is like a night out at the ice skating ring for these blokes.

Sue, is Manly "well coached"?
Can Dessie win us a comp as coach?


I really hope that we win on Saturday night and make the semi's.

However I am afraid that if we do win then the season will be called a sucess and the problems obvious to us all will be covered over for another season.

Perhaps it may be a blessing in disguise if we are soundly beaten because it will probably spell then end of Dessie coaching career as well as that of several players. A total cleanout of the players ranks can then begin and hopefully some real good young talent secured.

Maybe then shylocks prediction of Malcolm Reilly coaching may become a reaility instead of just a dream.


Premium Member
Everything you say is correct, I just cannot think that we are not are chance to win the match, to live with the level of despair you have would lead me to do a Brogden quicker than it takes Chris Hicks to get back to position after kicking a goal.

I can't apologise for my optimism. The reality is not good & I would not back them to win this match with monopoly money, but there are only 2 teams playing and we are one of those. Call it a drug if you wish but my drug of choice is Manly, the highs are just so dammed good that I keep on going with the hope of experiencing that feeling just one more time.

The Wheel
Premium Member
I have no confidence what so ever, the talk coming out of the camp this week has been positive but I just look at the backline and I can't see where many points will be socred. BK couldn't be 100% as well.

We just have to hope Canberra has a great end of season party organised and theie focus is more on that than footy.

BTW any news on Brett Stewart?


Premium Member
Common Matebele, admit it you would love for us to lose just so you can say "I told you so". I bet you have your eulogy for Manly 2005 already prepared and will have it posted here around 9:30 on Saturday night.

I know we are not a good team, the rules of NRL allow 8 teams to particpate in the semis, based on our current form we don't deserve that spot, but then again neither do Easts or Penrith, it is just that they have won a couple of recent games so it appears that they are more deserving than us.

This competition is run over 26 weeks, not the last 10 or 11. If we get there it is because we succeeded over a period of 26 weeks to be better than 7 other teams.

I challenge you for the next 36 hours or so to at least acknowldedge the fact that we are a semi final contender and 1 more win will ensure that position. For that period of time lets forget the bad stuff of the last 10 weeks and concentrate on the fact that for the first time in recent history we are a chance of making the top 8 (i know the NE were in a similar postion in 2002 but you choose toignore them).

So my learned friend, what is it to be for the next day and half, Maudlin Matebele or Positive Pete?????


Journey Man
Nothing is penned. I can just do a cut and paste - it's the same old **** play every week anyway.

Two days before the so-called biggest game of our season and we're treated to the spectacle of Captain Calamity parading around some unknown oval with his dirty Rooster brother.

What exactly is that? Where is our focus for this game?


Premium Member
Your a lost cause, Matabele. Geez what do you want MM to do, the media want a fluff piece for the 6pm news, he provides it, rightly or wrongly he is the team captain and part of that requires him to service the needs of the media.


Journey Man
Ever heard of media bans before big games?

We've had bugger all media all year and then, on the eve of a match that decides our finals destiny, we have the non-signing of J Monaghan rubbed in our face with a nonsense piece about a brotherly fued.

Real smart that is.


First Grader
So what did you think of this article Matabele

MANLY captain Michael Monaghan believes the Sea Eagles will not only reach the finals but can make rugby league history by becoming the first team to win a play-off game from eighth spot.

The peninsula side will limp into eighth position with victory over Canberra at Canberra Stadium tomorrow night.

That would then set up a meeting with the minor premiers - either Parramatta, Brisbane or St George Illawarra - in the first week of the finals.

The eighth-placed team has yet to knock over the top-ranked side since the McIntyre finals system was introduced in 1999.

But Monaghan insists the feat is not beyond the Sea Eagles should they get that far.

"I think we can do something special if we make it to the finals," he said yesterday before the team left for Canberra.

"We're not scared about that (playing the minor premiers). We've probably performed better against the top-class teams and struggled against teams out of the eight, so coming up against the number one ranked isn't something we're worried about.

"But we've got to get through this game against Canberra first - if we do that we'll start to look forward." Manly left for Canberra yesterday afternoon and will go into a two-day camp ahead of their most vital match of the season.

Monaghan described the atmosphere at Brookvale as a mixture of excitement and tension as the club moves in on its first finals appearance since 1998.

"We probably let go a strong position we had midway through the year but at the end of the day we win this game and we're in," he said. "While it's disappointing we've got to wait until the last round to make it, a Manly side hasn't played in the finals for seven years and it will be a big moment for the club if we do get there. But Canberra are a dangerous team and one that's been hard to put away all year and we're going to have to play our best football to come up with a win."


Premium Member
Ever heard of media bans before big games?

We've had bugger all media all year and then, on the eve of a match that decides our finals destiny, we have the non-signing of J Monaghan rubbed in our face with a nonsense piece about a brotherly fued.

Real smart that is.

Thats whay the media do it, you say so yourself "the eve of a match that decides our fate"

What did you expect from the media, an in depth article on why MM is not wanted, a full expose on internal club feuding over MM? You of all people could not possibly believe that a commercial TV channel would run that piece, when they can do a soft "brotherley feud" piece that will interest the majority of their viewers.

Sometimes you astound me with your totally biased opinions.Your opinions would be better appreciated if they at least showed some balance.


Tipping Member
"Sometimes you astound me with your totally biased opinions.Your opinions would be better appreciated if they at least showed some balance. "


The team did not win last week but if you think that they were not showing any "commitment to the cause" you were looking at a different game to me.

If we lose then you will have all the time in the world to pan them and the dreamers to death. How about you keep your powder dry for two days and let the rest of us dream.
Nothing is ever as bad as Sue and Mata believe and nothing is ever as rosy as folks on MSE would like to think. The truth generally lies some where in between.
If we win the problems of the last few weeks won't just be forgotten - the proof is with the buys for next season, Orford because we don't have a halfback and Bell (and eventually Lyon) because we don't have centres that can break the line... and what about Monaghan's brother saying he hopes Monas plays awful this week....well that wish has come true for most of the season..... I still somehow think we will win this weekend and have tipped them.... uppercut due I know....


Journey Man
{For the record I've tipped us by 13+ in the NRL tipping comp}

I preferred the story about Tezza having a literal spray at Hindmarsh and calling him a reserve grader. Far better than seeing Calamity's mug fawning at his little Bro.

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