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Seeing as you get nothing up here but Bloody Broncos news, I might as well let you know what’s going on. Carroll and Civinoceva will both be right to play against us. However, it is extremely unlikely that Tate will be there though his shoulder has bounced back quicker than expected. The Broncos have Hunt to come back which will meant Hodges will go to the Centres if Tate can’t play and Minto will keep his spot on the wing.

Barry Berrigan is carrying an injury and may not be able to play. He has been good for the Broncos and provides another attacking options beyond Lockyer and Seymour for them. He has been particularly good for them out of dummy half and his loss will hurt. If he his out his place will probably be taken by the new wonder-boy up here, Berrick Barnes. It’d be just our luck that he has one of those sensational debut games that announces a superstar.

You can be sure that there will be no ambush. The Broncos are taking us very seriously and Bennett will have their minds on the job this week. They have an additional days recovery, though it didn’t seem as though the Souths game took too much out of us yesterday. I’d say they’ll be looking to run quite a few angles at our men out wide, Lockyer drifting with several players running lines in support. Stephenson and Matai will be thoroughly tested.

It’d be great if Hill could play and get under Hodges’ skin.

Expect a huge crowd. Brisbane was vibed up last Friday night for the Test and there’ll be a lot of people out for a repeat experience. The game was advertised in today’s Courier Mail and the bumpkins up here would like nothing more than to “show their dominance� by downing the team in outright first. Broncos fans don’t strike me as possessing the highest of IQs but they expect to win. Expect a crowd possibly in excess of 40,000.

It seems as though there will be quite a few Manly fans at the ground. Let’s hope our quality will make up for what we might lack in quantity. Asking Broncos fans what 2 + 2 equals will probably keep their minds on other things for a good five minutes at a time and they’ll forget the answer within another two. So let’s make sure we all lose our voices for the cause and enjoy the train ride home decked out in maroon and white without any of those ghastly yellow flashes.


Journey Man
I should add that the Courier Mail had bugger all about Manly in it today. I had to scrounge around to find a Herald to read any good news.

Who is boss of the Courier Mail?

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News Limited = Broncos/Cowboys.

With the Lions going so bad, the cricket a double loss for the QLDers Manly have the potential to really stuff the party!!! :twisted:


Journey Man
Not to mention the Reds and the passing away of the father of neo-conservatism.

Trust that old fool to pass away whilst I'm on holiday here (Joh, not the pope!).

Really hoping Manly get up. Will have lots of fun in the Manly jersey on the way home.

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